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Apr 27, 2007
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Hello Everyone:

I am attaching a link to the ALSA advocacy website. When you put in your zip code, it will list all of your representatives. It will also have a form letter that you can send to your senators and congressman. You can add your personal story to the letter or send it as it is. What's really great, if your reps have cosponsored the registry bill, it will be a thank you letter. If they are not cosponsors, then the letter will be to ask them to support it. You can also upload a picture to make it more personal. We are fortunate in SC that both Senate offices have been very, very supportive as well as Congressman Henry Brown. I was on the phone with Sen. Graham's office yesterday asking for help. Here's the link:

As far as the bill, we are trying to get it to the Senate floor for a vote. We have 67 cosponsors including Sen. Reid, who introduced the bill. But there are several Senators that have not signed on so people in those states can really help by sending those letters! This is a link to those who have not cosponsored the bill so if you know people in those states, then they should definitely write. Particularly Sen. Coburn from Oklahoma. There is some concern he may hold up the bill.


Thank you for your help and for getting the word out!

Lets stop this ALS disease in it tracks once and for all.

Keep on fighting for a cure.
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