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Mar 22, 2007
I just found this site today and would like to tell my story. I was first diagnosed with MG in Sept. of 2006. My symtoms started like arthritis in my hands in 2005 then in May of 2006 my speech became slurred and I became short of breath while talking and my left arm and hand became weak. I was treated with mestinon and it seemed to help for awhile then when the weakness in my hand got worse I got a second opinion at the Cleveland Neurology Clinic and was diagnosed with ALS. They referred me to the University of Michigan ALS Center. They did another EMR test and also came up with ALS. My question is since my atrophy and weakness in all in my upper body, how can it be AlS? The EMR did show a slight weakness in one leg--- but, can this be wrong? I regularly go up and down stairs and have no problem walking 2 miles. I do get out of breath if I talk and go up a hill --- but, I am 63. The doctors say the Mestinon will not help with AlS yet, it does seem to help me. Has anyone had these same symtoms? Will my legs become weak as time goes by? Or do I really have ALS.
Hi Mickey. My weakness started in my hands and arms first and then the problem with my breathing started. That was in 2003. My legs are bad now and I just got a power chair. ALS is a a strange disease and can be so different from one person to the next. It is very hard to say what is normal and what is not. Wish I had better answers for you
Hi micky I too was diagnosed with MG in 99 because it was only in my speech I went on the same meds and they didnt help. How are your eye lids do they droop and are you stronger when you rest for a while those are the symptoms fo MG My progression started in 05 now its in my arms Good Luck Pat
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