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Sep 17, 2006
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New England
I have a quick question for anyone who has experienced this. My trunk muscles are weak and I tremble visibly quite often. People ask me if I am chilly, lol. I was wondering if anyone has some tips for alleviating this trembling. I’ve thought of a back brace…I do not have as much trouble when I sit at my desk or at home watching TV, because I can recline in my chairs.

But tonight I was at a meeting where the chairs were placed close together and I kept shaking into the people on either side of me. I ended up moving my seat but I still wonder if there is another way to deal with this?
Hey Cindy -

I've actually got nothing helpful to say. But, I couldn't sit by and let nobody answer your post since you go so far out of your way to make sure nobody else's posts go unanswered.

Actually, after a few difficult episodes of me being unable to get out of flimsy chairs, coworkers now offer to bring more substantial, comfortable chairs to meetings for me, because I guess this is preferable to having to help lift me up out of difficult spots. It's actually become a fad.... now, one guy with bursitis and a gal with sciatica are also bring their own chairs to meetings. :)

My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer drug (I don't have it's name handy) for my arm twitchings (fasciculations), I don't think its working for me yet, but maybe in theory it could work for you?!
Hi Liz- great to hear from you again. I got a giggle thinking about all your office mates marching off to a meeting carrying their own chairs! Kind of reminds me of something you'd see in a sitcom! :-D

PDaddy- my quinine works great for fasciculations. I get them in my calves, buttocks, left bicep and face. They are pretty consistent- always in the same spots.

I think what is happening in my trunk is different, at least it feels so. When I used to go to the gym, if I tried to lift stronger weights than I was capable of, my arms would shake. that is what is now happening on my trunk. I shake like I am cold or shivering uncontrollably, if that makes any sense.

Am I the only one having this issue? I'm getting tired of folks asking me if I am chilly, and after awhile I feel a little seasick, lol!
hi cindy

i am sorry you are not too well.
i googled "torso shakiness" for you but there are a number of things it could be, if you google yourself you can have a browse.
i have heard of "ambulation/ambulating" this is when your muscles tremble when using them, it is common in umn disorders like hsp/pls.
when my pt did some motion exercises on my legs my thigh muscles started trembling.
before i got ill i used to go to the gym 2-3 times a week,loved weight lifting, avid runner.
that seems like a long long time ago now, very depressing.
take care
Is ti just me?

Thanks, Caroline. I believe we are getting closer to a DX. At this point I don't really care what they call it. LOL I'd just like a way to deal with it!:-D

When I sit at my desk at work I put my feet up on a stool and lean back in my hi-backed office chair. My head starts wobbling by the end of the day but it is very minor.

The trouble comes when sitting in regular chairs and with my feet on the ground. So I'm flopping around in a conference room, waiting room, somebody else's office, restaurants, and so on. It is tiring and makes me a little seasick, to tell the truth. I just cannot get used to the constant motion. That's why I thought of a body brace of some sort...

Am I really the only one to experience this?

I am sorry you have to suffer this frustration. I hope you can get to the bottom of this or better yet...that it goes away and never comes back!
Hi Cindy-

Of course the one time YOU have a question, we're at a loss! I feel like anytime someone has the "am I the only one with this?" the immediate answer is no! But it sounds like people have the shakes all over, and yours happens to be in the trunk, not in some easy to disguise place like the bum! Likely someone will have advice out of all the folks here.

The only thing my mom has is chattering teeth. I ask her all the time if she's cold. But she's not. (Well, sometimes she is, but I think that has more to do with the fact that she's lost so much weight AND that it's spring in Minnesota and it continues to snow.) I think at this point my mom would be happy to have some movement somewhere else, even if it was involuntary! Maybe one of those copper bracelets for a home remedy?

Hi Cindy..... When i try to do sit ups my whole torso will shake... The only time i shake other than that is if i am upset about something.... If i i have to deal with confrontation afterwards when i sit down or am standing my whole body shakes like i am freezing to death and it is embarassing.. I have had that my whole life though, but it has gotten worse since i am not as able to control my emotions. Maybe anxiety medication will help they do prescribe it for tremors... I hate having to reccomend meds, because i hate the idea of them myself, sometimes they are a necessary evil..... Sam
Hey Sam- I didn't know they prescribe anxiety meds for tremors. What kind to they recommend? To tell the truth, my GP thinks it is due to weak trunk muscles, and knowing that with something neuro-muscular I probably cannot build them up. thus I was thinking more along the lines of a brace or something to shore me up, LOL.

I shake in my knees and trunk when standing for a couple of minutes, so I don't do that for fear of falling.

But if there were meds for the tremors...That is better thank being shored up with a body brace or something! :-D

I take Lorazopam (Ativan) for anxiety reasons but it does help with the tremors in my hands.....I also get internal tremors in my chest It feels as if my insides are shaking but you can't see it on the used to be when I would lay down, but now lately it is starting at other times as well.
Thanks Crystal. I get those internal tremors too- lately they are breaking out into visible ones. (Not to scare you. Maybe I shouldn't have shared that?)

Anyway they are annoying, not painful or anything like that. today I am not shaking at all. My muscles are stiff since I helped with the baby yesterday and he's gained a pound. Apparently 7 pounds was my limit. :-D But he's cute as a button and worth every cramp!

You didn't scare me, did your internal tremors only happen at first when you were laying down.
Tremors are not painful, just embarassing, I can't believe that they are so bad that you are banging into the people sitting next to you. You might not have that problem anymore, the people at your office are probable going to stay as far away from you as possible. LOL

Enjoy the baby they get big so fast!
Hey Cindy

In one of the post's Ativan was recommended. Ativan relaxes your muscles/lessons anxiety; so you will not shake as much. The way i read your post, your shakiness sounds like two things.. One is from muscle loss, and the other is probably emotional. The Ativan will help with the shakiness you experience even while resting, but the shakiness you experience in your knees may still be there. The shakiness reminds me of those little chihuahas, have you ever seen them... The ones that quiver and shake?

Ps. I am not taking any anxiety meds right now. I am home and trying to control it myself, now if i had to work everyday i would need it. When i get upset i am able to calm myself and body down. It is a matter of getting control of my body's reactions... If i were working i would not be able to take ten minutes to calm myself and lesson my shaking, so i would have to take the drugs. I never know what will set it off because the least little thing makes my body think i am in a traumatic state! Which i know in my mind it is not!
Hi Cindy,
I haven't mentioned this before because I figured it was just normal progression.

I also get the torso trembling. At times it gets so bad it is almost like a seizer that is uncontrollable. Shakes the whole torso and usually ends with muscles spasms knotting up and hurting. I still get these even though the legs have almost stopped with the violent fasciculation's.

I have tried Valium, and still take the Balcofen, but nothing seems to help with this. Sorry I could not be more help.
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