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Aug 28, 2013
Get Real
I don’t reply to the “Could this be ALS” sub forum anymore… which may
make some happy. Or… the other sub forums anymore. Just this one time. :)

But… let me show you how I would have answered one of the recent
Could this be ALS’ers. (* is me.) :)

“My partner thinks it’s down to pure anxiety that I am having these issues
and fear of choking.”

*Your partner knows you better than we do."

"Again my partner writes these off as anxiety, as well as my GP.”

*Your GP knows you much better than we do.

“I went to my docs yesterday and they are due to refer me to the ENT but
in the meantime they checked all of my neuropathic reactions, getting me
to resist, pushing on them, feeling with my eyes closed etc, and all seemed normal…”
Key words... "and all seemed normal."

*It’s in your head… they know Health Anxiety when they see it. Just that
you don’t… because Health Anxiety is a mental issue.

“I only ask for reassurance as my doctor is now quoting a years wait for an ENT.

*It’s because he/she sees NO urgency.

“I have donated.”

*Thank you… it will help those who have ALS. You don’t.

“I will try to stop posting however it usually gets the better of me and I end up
finding myself asking more questions”

*What might “gets the better of me” may get you… your Thread being closed.
I wonder if that is what you may really want. We’ve seen it before.

Sorry members… couldn’t resist. Had to sneak it in here. Guess I got a little
Greg K. (RIP) in me. :)
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