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Sep 27, 2006
My husbands brother has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and they've determined it is also in the lymph nodes. I'm not trying to make light of this, but the husband's family has been placing odds on who would go first - my husband or his brother and this was before cancer diagnosed. FIL already has taken both to the cemetery to pick out their plots! This was also before the cancer diagnosed. Husband's brother has led a very bad life and we all wondered why the one that got ALS was the loving, caring one. Well now the sorry one seems to be paying a price.

My husband was already depressed and asked me to call Emory to get antidepressants. Now he is very down, as he loves his brother, even if he is an A@#hole!

I do feel sorry for his family, having to deal with two sons and siblings with incurable diseases! Hopefully his brother will not suffer much. I just hope my husband will be able to handle this without falling apart.

Well, you know what happens when things start rolling down hill...
Hi CJ- talk about a double whammy! Hope hubby gets some relief for his depression. Life must seem pretty grim right now. Cindy

Thanks. Funny how life happens!

Well, my husband's spirits are lifted a little. h'es gone on yet another trip, this time to Minnesota to see the Atlanta Falcons. Traveling with a friend that takes care of Falcons equipment.

Thankfully, it seems that when we are down, something happens to lift us up!

Thanks for your kind words.
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