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Sep 24, 2005
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Hi Everyone!
New to this kind of thing! Writing about my Mom, she is 67 this thursday! Started last February when she started having problems with her hand. She finally went to the doctors, had some tests done..and told me last week it's ALS. I want to make sure my mother is comfortable, and has everything she needs! What usually happens in thus disease. what am I too look out for? I don't mean to sound rude or dumb here.. But I want to make sure she is OK.. Any help or words can help.. Thankyou!
Hi Mike:
For now the best thing you can do for information on ALS and what to expect can be found in the Manual for People Living with ALS. You can get it online from the Canadian ALS Society (web page is on the top left of this page). Good luck.

Thank you,
I downloaded the manual last week, and am reading it! To my suprise there is many different types of ALS. I just want to find a way to take the worry from her, and try to get her back to enjoying life, and let me take on the worry part! If that makes sense..

I know just what you are saying. My dad was diag. with ALS in August and although he began all of these problems with his leg about 2 years prior I just still did not think it was ALS... Now it is and with the exception of his leg everything else is fine... I like you want him to do everything but worry and let me do that. Really though worry is a waste of time and although I say this trust me I don't practice it for at this moment I am worried... I think what we need to do is just be informed and watch for different things but not get absorbed by this. Everything that goes on is not part of ALS. Example my dad got into a fender bender right away I assumed it was ALS when in fact it is not. He played a bad game of golf the other day and his arm was sore and stiff... Een though this happend to Tiger the other day I assume it is ALS with my dad... See this thinking is no good for me or him:).... See what I am saying be informed and that is the best thing to do. Aside from loving and being there for them the way you have always been. Good bless and know that with hope and prayer a cure will come..
Yes, I agree with you we shouldn't worry..and that worring does not help? But I believe it is natural! I just want to be there always for my Mother, and do the worrying for her, and let her or try to help her enjoy her life. Awhile ago, like a few months ago.. My Mother's voice changed, long before we knew she had ALS. She had that giggly noice in her voice as much older people have. I am wondering is that part of ALS?
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