My Latest Painting

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That is stunning Mike. It looks more "real" than a photo. You are good. It may not have been your intent but for me, it catches some of the lonely, one-way trip aspect of the ALS journey. The verdant far shore probably means something else to you. It is excellent.
Thanks John. That is one of the beautiful things about art. You are free to interpret it any way it makes sense to YOU. :-D

Beautiful...incredible.... Thanks for sharing it, Mike. Sharon
Beautiful painting , Mike.

Were you artistic before ALS or is this a skill you acquired with the use of technology? Just curious.

I find your painting to be very serene, Mike. I bet you would love the area that I live in. If you're ever interested, I would be glad to email you photos that may be enticing to you! Leslie
Hi Liz,

I did not start doing digital art until after my diagnoses. It seemed like a fun activity to fill my spare time. I was inspired to paint after seeing a TV show featuring Digital Photo-Realist Artist Bert Monroy. Jen then arranged a surprise visit on my 2004 birthday. It was really cool. We have been friends ever since.

that is pretty cool, it reminds me of a bridge that I once walked on up in Canada.
Keep up the good work.
A white dove just landed on the tree in my backyard and is cooing, pretty cool.
Hey, it's supposed to rain, so don't forget your rain boots when you go out:-D
When I looked at it the first thing that came to mind was going towards the light.
The path at the end is tangled and overgrown but above is the light.
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truely amazing

Mike - that is just awesome!

I am certain I see something different in there than you did, but it does move one. Maybe we all see something diffeent - the more I look at it the more it triggers images that I can't exactly describe. So three (or three hundrad) cheers for your art.

Now - how did you do that? You said with a pointer, but what are you controlling to do that? You must be using an amazing piece of software. I have been interested in digital art for many years - used to spend a lot of on-line bandwidth over at Renderosity - haven't looked in there recently.

Anyway - keep up the great work.

mike amazing work it makes you want to cross the bridge to check the beautiful woods. keep the art going bogey
Thanks to everyone who has commented on the painting. Roy, I use PhotoShop CS. You might assume from the name that I am just manipulating photos, but the software actually includes a comprehensive set of tools for producing original art. My paintings contain no photos or scans.

Great work! Another lovely painting, Mike. I imagine these fetch quite a price at a fundraiser auction! Cindy
Hi Cindy,

You are right. They do pretty well at the auctions. There will be a large canvas of "French Quarter Flavor" auctioned at Augie's Quest 2007 BASH. I believe the auction will be open on-line prior to the event. I will let everyone know when the auction opens.

Mike any of your artwork for sale?
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