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Thank you Mike.

That was beautiful and amazing. If I could make two wishes they would be first find a cure for this now, and second help all who have it find some of the peace you have put in to your page. (anyone reading, please take a moment to check mikes story and art on his link, it will make you think, and in a good way!) word........Breathtaking!
God bless!


Thank you for sharing your talent with us. How would you say your art has evolved since you started digital painting? Do you prefer abstract art more than realism?
Hi vmd,

Through trial and error, I have slowly developed techniques for painting objects such as clouds, trees, and wine glasses. This opened up more subjects for me to paint. While there is normally a sentimental component to my realism pieces, they take so much time to paint that I usually have to stop working and wait for inspiration to return.

I enjoy the abstracts because I can express emotions and concepts that I feel strongly about. They can be created fast enough that the energy simply flows through me onto the screen. The process is much more creative and fulfilling.

Thanks for the compliments Irma and northerngirl. :-D


Hi Mike,
You are so very talented, your paitings are absolutely gorgeous & inspiring.God Bless.
Hello Mike

Hello, As usual ,beautiful! What pleasure the finished product must bring you. Keep them coming. My Best to you, Beebe
New to this

Mike - thank you for opening my eyes. I'm so new to this - diagnosed 12/13/07 - I had made the assumption that I would not choose to use anything like a vent or feeding tube. Heroic of me I thought. Ignorant I find. Felt like "good for me" I get to go to heaven. Now after seeing your site I feel I have been feeling selfish. I need to not jump to decisions that I don't have to make yet. I'm feeling a bit ashamed of myself. Perhaps I just need to find something to make me feel like I have a purpose. And that has nothing to do with ALS - it has to do with my life in general. I'm not ALS, I just have it. I see I have a lot of thinking to do. Again, thank you.
Hi Sharonica,

It seems as though you have experienced a paradigm shift. That is one of my primary focuses these days. To be an embassador for a joy filled life (especially if you have been touched by ALS). I am glad you "get it".:-D

I have changed my mind about life extending technology a couple times. Just make sure you keep your medical proxy informed.

Thanks Sharon and Beebe. :-D

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