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still having good days among the all day sleeps. Requesting less food, just doesn't feel good. Seem kind of in stable place for the moment. Thanks for checking! kay
AZgirl it’s really good to hear from you. Think of you often and I’m glad you let us know. Hugs.
Beautiful Kay - I'm totally with you on just going with what does feel good xxx
It was very brave of you to publish your feelings. My husband is also being strong
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Kay, thank you for everything you've been and everything you've shared. You are a beautiful sole, and I am so very thankful that ALS was not able to change that.

I love you. We all do. Find comfort, my friend.
kay we are at the same place it seems. i feel a lot of distress, cant breath etc, when getting close to needing my meds.
I think of you every day Pete. I just take more drugs when it gets too much. No reason put up with air hunger or pain! I'd rather sleep

Just know how much you have given to us and how much you are loved. That will go on forever.
Kay, reading your posts full of acceptance brings a smile to my face and I wish I'd known you long before. Sweet stable dreams!
Kay, after taking a long break your post is the first one I read. You are such an inspiration to us all. Hugs and love
Kay, your wisdom, and love shines like a glistening diamond in this forum. You have brought many blessings to many of the pALS and cALS here. Kay, may your last part of this journey be with as much comfort as possible. May you be surrounded by those you love. May the Blessings be!
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thanks every one. I'm talking less food now and resting in bed most of the time. Sleeping quite a bit due to more meds. Comfortable and seem to be in holding pattern. Strange feeling but not bad.
love to all, kay
Lovely to see you post again Kay. Good palliative care is exactly as you are describing and I wish you constant comfortable peace xxxx
Haven't checked the forums lately... Thinking of you during this time.

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