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My husband passed away yesterday

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Nov 18, 2007
Loved one DX
He was my freind as well as my husband . He was a loving father and grandfather.I know that someday i will see him again and we will be together forever. Thank you for your support Judy
Judy, I'm so very sorry. You are an angle on earth, having cared for your husband in such a loving way. May he rest in peace and may you know he's in a better place.
Dear Judy

I am so sorry for you losing your loving husband. I will pray for your heart that is surely broken. You did a wonderful job caring for him and yes someday, you will be dancing in heaven with him again.

Judy, so sorry to hear of your husband's passing, but he is free of pain, and free of Als. He is walking again, he is running through the green meadows, and singing with the angels. May he rest in peace! My condolences to you, and your dear family, and God bless!

My sincere condolences to you and your family Judy.
Dear Judy,

My thoughts and prayers are with you today. I am sorry that you are experiencing such a great loss and heartbreak. May the knowledge that your husband is free from the horror of ALS give you peace and I pray that happy memories of good times with your husband will comfort you in the hard days, weeks and months ahead.

Take good care of yourself.

Dear Judy,
I am so sad to hear of your husbands passing. Please accept this hug from your extended family here on the forum.
I am sorry for your loss, Judy. Like is probably a bit like a whirlwind for you right now but we will be waiting here for you whenever you decide you need a shoulder.
Dear Judy

I am very sorry for your loss, believe me I know how you are feeling, I lost my husband
five month's ago.

May God give you strenght to go through this loss; but think that now your husband is in a much better place, free from his sick body.


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CALS to late husband Jorge
Dx Oct. 17, 2005
Died Dec. 30th. 2007
Judy, I'm so very sorry for your loss. You cared for your husband with all you had and lovingly advocated for him. You were strong throughout his illness and had other heavy burdens to bear such as when your daughter was in intensive care in NC with her ruptured appendix. I hope she is all well now and that you can rest and reflect on the turn your life has taken as a result of being a CALS for so long. You'll never be the same, but what this illness does for us CALS is give us a new dimension and presence to others. I think it makes us better people.
All the best to you, Judy, in the coming days, weeks, months as you sort through your life. I'll be thinking of you and your family.
Thank you for all your help. I know it takes time for the pain to go away but my youngest daughter had a hard time losing her father and now she is so worried about me she wants to be with me all the time . I told her she has to start going back to her family. She is a good mother and her family needs her. Judy
HI My name is Tracy Thompson. I am Judylyne''s daughter from North Carolina. I just wanted to say that My dad James was a wonderful man. He was a loving father, husband and grandfather. He made sure we all knew he loved us. We all love him so much. We were all around him when he passed away. It was the hardest thing for me to see. I just want everyone to know that my mom and dad we so much in love with each other even to the end. When they looked at each other you could see it in there eyes. I dont think I could have asked for better parents. Mom I want to tell you even tho im far away I will always be here for you. I will call you just like I always do just to say HI and ask how your doing. Just remember you have a big family that will be here for you always. I love you mom.
Hi Tracy. You sound like such a wonderful daughter. I am sure your Dad was very proud of you. I know the pain you are going through. There is no way to describe the pain you feel when you lose a loved one. May God bless you and your family. May your sweet dad rest in peace.

I am so sorry for your loss. I will be facing the same thing within a few months. I also have wonderful children who are helping with this process. I know you see your husband's strength in your daughter as I see my husband's in my children. Your husband is gone but his spirit lives on in your memories of your marriage and in the life of your children and their children. Lee
Judy and Tracy, my prayers are with you.

Judy, what you said about your youngest daughter always wanting to be with you, struck me. I'm caring for my own mom with ALS and my father recently came to Minnesota from Arizona. I felt so much closer to him, and found myself worrying about when HE might get sick. So even though I'm 34, I feel like I get where your youngest daughter is coming from!

I hope that in the months to come, you are able to begin to heal with the love and support of your family and friends.

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