My Grandson who had brain surgery Update

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Jun 1, 2006
This is an update on the condition of my grandson who had brain surgery October 12, 2007 and that I spoke about in my Blog. Here you can see how is doing when he says his first word, STINKY.

If you look close you can still see the scar on the top of the front of his head. He is a happy baby. He still has to wear the helmets to shape his head, but is doing great. His big sister nicknamed him MR. Baby.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support for this little one. He truly is a living miracle.
God Bless.
Capt AL

Baby Daniel first word lol :-D:-D:-D
YouTube- Stinky Boy!

What a sweetheart and a miracle!
Oh gosh Al, that video is awesome. You are right Mr. Baby is a "miracle baby." I noticed the scar as well, but I am sure it will fade. He sounds great. Is that your voice in the background? When was this videotaped? God bless Mr. Baby, oh, and thanks for sharing.

Made my day

Hi Capt. Al , Enjoyed the Video, he's Beautiful. So glad he is doing well. Grandkids are the best! What's doing with you? Fondly Beebe
The voices in the background are my daughter Elisa who one time came on the forum and thanked everyone for praying for Mr. Baby, and the other voice is his father my daughters husband, Daniel.

They are so proud of how well he is doing.
Thank you Al! Sorry I had to ask about whose voice it was. I was just curious. Again, God bless. Hugs to Mr. Baby!

Thanks for that! Glad your Grandson is doing so well.

This made my day!
He is still cute as a button! Glad things are going well for them, MT!
Capt AL,
This video is so funny! What a scary thing for your family to experience-brain surgery on such a little baby! I'm so glad everything turned out so well. He truly is a miracle baby.
I watched the other three videos too. Your grandchildren are precious. I'm glad you can enjoy them.
Hang in there, AL.
Mr. Baby has one year birthday

My Grandson that the other children call Mr. Baby (Lil Daniel) just had his first birthday this week. Thank God for miracle babies. For more information see my blog.
For those who did not see it here is his video link again.
YouTube- Stinky Boy!
Short summary, He was born with the bones in his skull fused together, which caused great pressure on his brain. They had to do brain surgery and remove a section of his skull, to allow room for growth of his brain. He has to wear a helmet to reshape his skull as it grows.

Happy birthday to your grandson, he is very cute. Like is helmet says he is tough little guy.
Happy Birthday to this adorable little guy! Having just spent a week with both daughters and 2 of the youngest grandbabies I know how much joy they bring.:-D
Happy Birthday, Mr. Baby! May you be blessed with many, many more! Your Grandpa is very proud of you!

Happy Birthday what a guy!
God Bless.
Happy Birthday Mr. Baby,
Al.......He is absolutely so smart, happy & beautiful .Praise God that he is doing so well.God Bless.
hello, my nephew was just diagnosed with his skull being fused together on one side, can you explain to me what they have to do surgery wise and how long was your grandson in the hospital afterwards, he goes next week to a childrens hospital but I want to get some information for my sister before she goes . thanks so much
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