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Jul 16, 2007
A few nights ago we had a thunderstorm, and I thought I was going to be struck my lightning because I realized my feet were tingly. That frightened me for the rest of the night- but I was relieved it didn't happen. Instead, the tingling stayed!

I also have consistent little twitching of my muscles- mostly in my legs. In the past year they had been pretty bad- starting with an irritable tick in my left eyelid.

The other day I had a striking pain in my right knee- and by the end of the day, my leg was hurting from my knee to my upper thigh.
The next day the same happened in my right arm- starting with my elbow, then running up to my shoulder.

I've plenty of anxiety and stress symptoms in my stomach as well- which had intensified in the last year, despite my 'content' environment.

Otherwise, it wasn't until last night I was browsing Google- when I came across ALS symptoms. I was surprised that I could relate to them, but what do you suppose?

I am 18 years old- and a vegetarian. :)

I'm fairly worried, of course, I just want to finish writing my books, and I'm not to concerned what happens to me then. I hope ALS is as peaceful as it sounds... :(
My mom once told me I was going to die from lung scarring- and I had two years to live, but that was her diagnosis and paranoia, and I don't live with her anymore :mrgreen: -- so you can imagine that death doesn't entirely frighten me as much anymore, because I've already felt like I was going to die- and was at peace with myself. Other brushes with death-sensations-- well...seeing a big shooting star and thinking I was going to die within a second. *I made some last second prayers to God and told him I loved him, etc* and thinking a cloud was a tsunami wave.

I just hope these symptoms are coincidental, like everything else in my life XD

Have you had the EMG or NVC. It sounds like you are under a lot of stress for an 18 year old. If you don't have a Neuro. get one. You cannot diagnose your self. My brother Timothy has ALS. I am having the same symptoms but he Neuros. are saying Peripheral
Neuropathy (i have the tingling and numbing) and BFS. Just read up on that. Besides no matter what they tell you, ALS can only be DX at a certain point. Everyone has their own timeline. We have been through a very frustrating time with that. Don't dwell on it. Just go to a Neuro. and see what they have to say.

Lorie couldn't have said it better! You have to go to a neuro for a workup. Stress and anxiety will make your symptoms worse, so try and stay calm. Easier said than done. :smile: Leslie

you should also see a therapist It sound like you didnt have a good childhood ,being you left home and your mother say some concerning things to you. God Bless you may you find peace in your life. Pat
Thank you!

Thank you for the advice and assurance, everyone :-D There is nothing here I won't consider.

( Lorie, Leslie, Patricia )- and to anyone else who replies! Thank you :)

ASL is a frightening disease and I hope those of you living with it- as a caregiver/patient/friend etc stay strong ;-)

I pray your lives are still fulfilling and your hearts are warm!
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