My father died from als 1 year and 4 months ago

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Mar 6, 2005
My naMe is lisa and i aM just looking for a place to go online and talk. you see My father was diagnosed with als in 2001 while i was pregnant with My second child. i never found out about it until My son was born because they didn't want Me to deal with the stress while i was pregnant. the hardest part of that for Me was that i lived out of town and hadn't seen My dad for a few Month's so by that tiMe he had already started to show visible signs of the disease. it was quite a shock for Me. for the next two and a half years i slowly watched My father deteriorate and all the while never really had any proffesional support to help Me through. it has been 1 year and 4 Months since his passing and really would like soMeone who understands to talk to and Maybe help Me understand Myself. i hope to hear froM soMeone soon and thank you
My heart is with you. My Mother died 2 weeks ago; 1 day shy of 18 Months following diagnosed. as a daughter watching als rob MoM was soul wrentching--the only thing that could be worse for a daughter is having her father stricken with als. daddys are our 'superMan' and to see defeat overcoMe hiM isn't right. take coMfort in knowing that he is whole and strong again~and you are too.

when the pain of your loss becoMes too Much to carry, ask the lord to allow Me to help you carry it. call Me by naMe and My hoMetown{cindy bryant in jonesboro, arkansas} he knows where to find Me.

god's peace
Hi lisa. you are in a good place Here. is it possible we met last summer in soutHHampton. we were visiting a friend named Helen and Her daugHter in law Had lost Her fatHer to als. my wife lee talked to Her a bit and so did i. strange coincidence if it wasn't you but life is strange isn't it? i don't tHink we Have any psycHiatrists Here but tHere are a lot of caring people tHat are living or Have lived witH als. we will Help if we can. ask wHat you want and don't be afraid to sHow your feelings. if you post up on general discussions it is a bit busier and you will get more responses, but it is fine to post wHere you are. keep coming back. we will try to Help.
i just wanted to say thank you for the responses and it means alot. and yes al we did meet in southampton! what a small world! it is so nice to hear from you and thank you for your support. i have been to a therapist but i would rather talk to people who have had or has the same experiences i have. i find it much easier to cope when the other person or people truly understand what it is like. i hope to hear from you soon al and thank you cindy your words mean alot and when i feel the pain is getting too much i will take consideration.
Welcome lisa - i am so sorry to hear of your loss. this is a good group to vent to. you can stick around here as long as you need. we all laugh and cry together, you're allowed to do both! melissa
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