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Oct 5, 2008
:D I had my doubts about attending my first ALS clinic and voiced them in the New Member forum. I thought that since there was nothing the doctors could do for me it would not be worth the long drive and a day off work for hubby. A big Thank You goes out to Jennifer51, BethU and Al for your encouragement to go.

It was a very wonderful, uplifting experience! People from the ALS society were there with a lot of information and support. The occupational therapist and tech. guy informed me about and showed me a lot of aids and equipment available to make my life with ALS safer and more bearable. They are even helping to arrange a stair glide that we can rent and a portable wheelchair we can put in the trunk of the car for - wait for it - Christmas shopping. I feel better now knowing that there are ways I can still communicate and maintain control of my environment when I progress.

I met some very awesome, caring people there and connected with a lot of resources. I am so glad I went.

And guess what - I MET AL ! What a joy to be able to put a face to the name!

On the long drive home I cried and gave thanks to God that we are not alone in our ALS journey. We have people who really care in these clinics and I feel 100% better for attending.

Hope Springs Eternal

That's great. I agree, my first clinic visit was everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. However, I didn't get to meet Al, how nice that it worked out that way.:)
That is so great, you got to mee Al, that is awesome, this disease really does seem to effect the best, and I mean Pals and Cals alike. So glad to hear a good experience.
Hi Deb. It was nice to meet you but I'm sorry we didn't get to spend much time together. Maybe next time. I am so glad that you found the Clinic experience valuable. As you might have guessed I'm very pro Sunnybrook and ALS Ont. They have helped me greatly over the last few years and hope they'll help you in the years to come.

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Hi Deb (irtu) this is Jennifer51...I am SO glad you went and found it a really good experience, and thank you for the just proves that this forum is really helpful for all of us...My dream is that one of us can pass on some positive news of better long lasting treatment or better still a cure..we all certainly deserve it.
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