My emg test

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Another letter arrived today, from the National hospital neurologist this time. My referral for a 2nd opinion which as you know was booked as a telephone appointment by mistake, but the hospital want another referral from my neurologist. You couldn't make this up if you tried .

Anymore hospital letters , im seriously thinking of throwing them straight into the bin unopened , what's the point. I'll probably be dead long before I get a referral into a mnd clinic (cockney dry humour) 😬.
Finally had my 2nd opinion at the national hospital. No 2nd emg test that day. I had a detailed clinical examination followed by a discussion about my symptoms, when i first discovered I had weakness. The professor whos a specialist in the mnd field. Told me I have ALS , interesting that he used the words ALS and not MND as I'm in the uk . I asked if anything else is on the table, he replied no. I'm shocked to find I have upper neurons signs to.
I am sorry to hear this. It is common for the mnd doctors in the UK to say ALS in the exam room even though MND is the umbrella term used in the UK. I think they do this because it makes it clear to the patient. they know you have or will google and find out about ALS and PLS and other MNDs and of course want to know exactly what you have.

I hope you can now get the care and attention that you need.
really sorry to hear this
Thank you Nikki and affected. I have started on riluzole twice a day, 12 hours apart.
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