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Jan 14, 2007
i went to the neru today he done a nvc and emg of the right leg all test were normal told me i had benign twithing and this was the second neru ive saw the teck at the other neru must have messed up on my ncv test last time all my reflexes are normal i guess im going to get on with life now youve all been very halpfull in my time od need and ill be sticking around also to try and help and comfort others trough my experiance with all of this its been 4 months so im thinking that the emg should have showed something by now since i had muscle twithing the whole time.
Good stuff Zac!:-D Nice to get a 'good news' story every now and then.

Glad you're stickin' around.

Great news

That's really great news Zac! Hopefully your symptoms will start to disappear and things will get better for you. I wrote you another post and asked if you have ever had a Smith test for lupus? Something is causing your symptoms, but I am really glad it is not als. Leslie
Zac -

This is really good news. I'm glad your test results have given you some peace of mind. Bet you sleep good tonight! :)

Great to hear a positive report for a change Zac. :-D Thanks for keeping us up to date.
God Bless
Capt AL
Good news is hard to find these days. Thanks for sharing Zac.
thanks guys,i dont think ive ever had that test done leslie i have to go for a follow up with the first neru i saw and i think ill ask him about it thanks for the info Leslie.
congrats hope you find what is wrong but glad it is not als. I am keeping my figures crossed that my exam which was normal will stay that way and not get worse. But i am so happy for you and pray for everyone here that one day a cure will be found
Congrats Zac!

I think, you should pursue other problems, if you still feel bad, don't stop just because it's not ALS!


Hey Zac- good to hear it. Glad you decided to stick around, too. We'll be following yooyr progress as you reach some sort of conclusion with your doctors! Cindy
thanks cindy i have another follow up on may the 4th but i still have problems with my speech sometimes and also bite my tounge every once in awile so well just have to see could be bulblar i hope not which brings me to the question i forgot to ask the doctor which he was kind of avoiding any questions about als anyway was that is there a test that can be done for bulblar als?
Hi Zac - the doc can do an EMG of your tongue. By the way, did he notice your speech problems? Leslie
Hey Zac,

I am really happy for the good news you've got
so go go go and enjoy
Hope that your next follow will even bring more good news

;) Omar
thanks omar, no he didnt notice any speech problems but other people have.

it's called a larangeal (cynthroid) emg. Look at my post on, it's called ALS or Something Else, it's from about Oct. 2006 under 4t1074 user id.

Good Luck.


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