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Jul 8, 2005
Hello I am new here first of all.
My dad has ALS - he was diagnosed about 2 years ago- and the doctors gave him a year to live. He sleeps face up with his legs elivated. He offically lost all of his musal in his legs about half a year ago and ... i make a little joke out of this and- he walks like a penguin. I love him dearly and he has been through so much - including 2 teenage kids including me and family fights.
Thanks community for being there!

<3 AJ
Welcome and try to keep yours and his sense of humor. It really helps to be able to laugh and joke about this. It's not really funny but if you don't laugh you'll cry which is counter productive. Try to keep positive. Take care.
Hi AJ and welcome to the forum!

I've had ALS for about 12 years and also am a master at the "penguin" walk.

How's your dad doing aside from his legs?

Family and humour are my cornerstones, sounds like your dad is blessed with the same!

Cheers to you!

Thanks everyone for all the great replys ...

Aside from my dads als he is great - he keeps the positive energy in the house. Joking around about it is so much fun- i mean like someone said its not a laughing matter but if u cry about it - it just gets worse '

I see that some people have had it for over 6 years mike27 - said 12! so ... I FINALLY HAVE HOPES! :D

thanks guys
Hi AJ and welcome,

My Henry had als for approximately 8 years, maybe even longer before diagnosed. We had a wonderful life. Even with the als. We lived each day with hope and faith. We also shared a wonderful sense of humour that lasted right up until the end. It is something that you must have in order to maintain a positive outlook. We know the importance of laughing and you are entitled to the weepy days too. There are a lot of people that have lived long productive lifes with als and I am sure that your dad will be one of them too. Good luck to you and your family. Stay Strong.

All I can say is this group is encourages me every time I read. I have learned a lot this past year about staying positive, and I always thought I was a positive person. I guess it's true what they say about learning the real you when you have challanges to go through. I'm thankful for this group that kept me seeing things the best way. There is so much humor in everyone here, of course, everyone has their tears too, but they don't let them stop them from living each day to its fullest. Melissa
Hi AJ,
Welcome to the forum. Humour is so important and if your dad continues with this positive outlook everyone will benefit. He must of had this wonderful attitude before and instead of him turning inward he is contiuing to be the person he always was. Its something we all have to remember, just because a person is diagnosed with a terminal disease and they choose to except it their personalities do not change and either should ours. I think if Tim wouldn't of kept his attitude positive and still melt the heart of others with his big grin he would be in a very terrible place right now. He is still living on his own can you believe it people although I think he is starting to accept that the time is coming when I will be moving in soon. His independance has kept him strong and upbeat and I love him more now then I ever did because he has not given up on himself and let this monster destroy his willingness to still lead a life he is happy with.As you willl see on this forum the PALS are extrodinary humans and it sounds like your dad fits into this category perfectly.
ALS About Loving Someone
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