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Nov 14, 2006
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My wonderful dad won his battle with ALS and went to be with Jesus last Saturday, December 2nd. He never gave up, he fought the good fight until the very end. I thought I would be a puddle on the floor but actually was able to get up and speak at his service on Wednesday. He would have been so proud of me. I love my dad........
Our thoughts and sympathy are with you Gina and your family and friends at this time. I am sorry you weren't able to spend more time with us before his passing. AL.
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Gina ...

Your dad was proud of you ... always ... you simply don't know how much.

Gina ...

Your dad was proud of you ... always.

Hello Gina. I am sorry for the loss of your Dad. I know you will miss him terribly. He must have been a wonderful man to create such a loving relationship with you. Please stay in touch as you grieve you loss. Cindy
Gina -

My sincerest sympathies on the loss of your father. He will be with you always in your memories.

I'm sure he would have been very proud Gina. As I would of my own daughter.

The way you worded your post gave me a whole new perspective on the manner in which I looked at passing on. "won his battle" is a marvelous statement! Thank you for sharing that...

I once read that we are just spiritual beings having a human experience. When our time is done we go home.

For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. ~William Penn

God bless
I am sorry for your loss.

I'm Sorry

Gina...sorry to hear about your dad......I am a newbie to this site as well I don't use it as much as I heart breaks for you...when I first read your newbie storey about how you felt about your dad when you found out about his ALS I can tell you that I feel the same way about my dad....he was diagnosed April/06 and every day he gets weaker....I put the smile on every day but my heart breaks dad is only 57 and this is so hard to deal with every day.....but I am staying strong and trying to do as much as I can with him....I am a daughter of 3 and the oldest and sometimes I find it hard to cope myself and keep the younger two sisters strong.......

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...

Dear Gina

I just wanted to extend my sympathies to you and your family. We are all in this together. Memories and time heal. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Fondly, Beebe
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