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Aug 14, 2013
Loved one DX
Well good morning everyone , my name is Victoria I'm 24 and a United States Marine. I have avoided this forum for a long time actually I used to have an account when my father first started experiencing symptoms I would write but as his symptoms increased and he started to lose more ability in his body I slowly began to not get on the forum it was becoming reality for me that I wanted to avoid . No one wants their parents are a loved one to go
through that such an awful disease it makes me
So angry as a person . Well I lost my dad a year ago it was a little after boot camp during my job school I was able to go on emergency leave when my dad was in hospis. I watched him slowly die in the hospital he held on and fought an his eyes lit up when he saw me come through that door in my USMC running suit. My dad could not speak but he made hand motions each day in the hospital he drifted away more and more , the night before he died I was alone with him and held his hand and told him he could let go to
Go home god will be waiting for him along with his mom and dad . I told him it was to painful for us to watch him like that it hurt is more to see him struggle . The next day he passed away , that was the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life i rather do bootcamp again then go through that and it was life changing ,
I was ok at first sad , angry but was ok. As time passed I more sad more angry and depressed in my first year of the Marine Corps I was dealing with a loss and had the stress of being new to the military I worked out to handle most of my stress and then I broke my ankle that is when my life changed I was depressed I hated life I didn't want to wake up anymore . I started battling my depression finally I decided I need help so I went to mental health and got on some anti depressants , I'm struggling still but also getting the help I need losing my father has changed my life in so many ways I wish I could have one more day with him . ALS is brutal I hate it with all my heart it took my dad from me , what I saw the amazing man that I called dad go through such an ugly disease , it traumatized me for life I will never be the same . Maybe I'm on here to help others with their loved ones experiencing what I experience , or maybe I'm on here I help myself and talk to
People who understand I don't know but I'm here an I want to
Help anyone I can talk to anyone I can . I know a lot about ALS after experiencing through my father . I know he would want me to
Help others so here I am please don't hesitate to talk
To me -Victoria
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