Mushy/Soft/Flaccid Muscles to the touch? Please help!

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Mar 26, 2021
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Hi there,

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone here for all the threads I’ve read through. To those of you who are diagnosed, I feel sincerely for your plight.

I don’t want to make this too long so I won’t list the entirety of weird symptoms I’ve been having.
I am 25. I know I’m young. I am not looking for a diagnosis of anything sinister. I hope and pray to God I am and will remain healthy for a long time to come.
However, there is one particularly concerning symptom of mine that I want those with more knowledge to help me with if at all possible. In the end, doctors and tests are the ultimate diagnostic tool. There’s a lot of waiting though and I’m a pretty levelheaded person, so I would like to think I won’t lose my mind if I accumulate a bit of knowledge on what could be wrong with me prior to attending the actual scheduled doctor’s appointments.

It seems like the right side of my body, particularly my right arm (the whole arm, from rotator cuff/shoulder down to the palm and fingers, including even the shoulder blade area at the back) is softer than the left. It isn’t the bones, its the muscle tissue that seems, for lack of a better word, mushy/jell-o-like/soft/flaccid. This is easily felt by people other than myself. Doctors have confirmed it. I am 10000% sure my right side was not this way before. I was a martial arts teacher and know my body very well as far as how different areas felt and looked before.
This same thing seems to be happening, to a lesser degree, in my right leg from the pelvis down to the ankle/toes. Keep in mind, I’m right handed. My right side had always been very strong. It’s not so much that I’m failing now, however I can definitely notice that I can’t flex my right bicep, for example, with as much explosion as my left bicep. If I flex the biceps and poke them to feel them, the left bicep is very clearly hard, like a rock, but the right isn’t. It’s almost as if the muscles on the right side of my body are losing their density. As if the fibres of my muscles aren’t as tightly knit as they used to be not too long ago.

I have had twitches and fasiculations and all sorts of BFS-like symptoms for many years now (~5). I’m mainly asking about this muscle fibre softness feeling because this is the most worrisome to me as it’s the most recent development and doesn’t seem to fit the BFS/anxiety description. I’ve gotten used to the weird sensory experience of potentially having BFS or something similarly benign. However, this unilateral muscle mushiness is recent and more “real” because all sorts of people around me can feel it as well without a shred of doubt.

If I’m vacuuming with my right hand, my shoulder/shoulder blade area tires very fast. If I’m shampooing my hair or blowdrying my hair, my right hand tires very fast.

I somehow managed to make this long, contrary to my intentions. Thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far. I appreciate any input and will be investigating further with doctors’ help, but if this sounds familiar to any readers, if it sounds like a symptom to something you could point me to for further reading, I’d be in your debt.

Thank you all. Love and respect.


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Apr 26, 2013
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Nothing alarming in what you write, so far as ALS, but I think I can read between the lines that you know that.
Let us know what the doctors say, that is truly the place to start, rather than here. All the very best.
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