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just me

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Jan 18, 2008
hello again!

Just one more question - for the past two weeks or so I have had random sporadic muscle twitching throughout my body (mostly in calves with occasional twitches in arms and torso).

For the past week I have also had cramping in legs (hamstrings and inside of thighs as well as calf muscle and outside of lower legs). Today my right hamstring was cramped pretty much all day. As soon as I sit down, the cramping goes away.

Today I was on my feet for 12 hours at work, and besides the cramps in my legs, I was fine - no tripping or dragging my feet, etc.

I have been taking magnesium, potassium, and B12 for the past week and it seems to have helped somewhat with the twitching.

I can stand and walk around on my heels and toes and walk heel-toe, so I still have plenty of coordination and strength in my legs.

No problems with speech or fine motor skills.

Is this suggestive of BFS?

Thank you for your kindness in responding to my questions!

Im 8 months twitcher... what you describe is almost sure BFS. ALS really doesnt start with widespread twitching..its very rare if ALS starts with twitches and if so, they are constant in at least one location (typically constant thumb twitch + sporadic bodyspread ones).
If bodyspread twitches are caused by ALS, there is weakness in one of the limbs or part of muscles. From what I have read and was told by neuros its impossible to have ONLY bodyspread twitches and have ALS - this is only in later stages.
However, Im still affraid and many people do that so...
i feel both you guys' pain (cramps) and twitch in sympathetic unison...i get mine in my chest and it literally takes my breath away...i have been so freaked out at losing muscle (which i actually have)...that i am always checking...
this is my first post. i joined th eforum cos yes i do have some signs of als but knowing my history of physical problems it usually turns out to be nothing. but i joined because i would like to know about the disease.
i have muscle twitches mainly in my let leg and foot and sometimes in my right lower arm.
i als have spasms and cramps in my left foot and occaisionally my right leg looses all feeling and i fall down.

im intrested to kno what people do to help eleivate these symptoms. im now sleeping with a pillow under my left leg and a pillow under my right hip which helps a little to make lying down more comfortable.
im also looking for a cheap 2 handled mug as i hav bad hand tremors constantly aand my mum has had enough of me spilling hot tea on myself.

hope people feel ok with me being here even though i dont have als.
:-Dshould mention im also partially sighted so i apologise for my often typing errors
Welcome myst. Sorry you even have to come looking for us. We do have quite a few here undiagnosed but looking for answers. Not sure of suppliers in UK this link may have what you need.

Actually when I looked into their site further, they are in Nottingham UK.
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Hi just me. did you read the sticky on the top of the topic page before this one about fasciculations?
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