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Feb 11, 2007
Annmarie, you asked for guys up for a little story?!

Well, I started off with a generous dose of anxiety. I noticed it kick in about fifteen minutes from the hospital. So, I popped a Xanax. It didn't do much. After walking about 1/2 a mile through the university to the clinic, they had me checked in and called in within minutes. No time to dwell on the unknown!

Of course the doc, Dr. Paul Twydell, and his assistant were great. Explained the whole thing. First, they injected the skin with Lidocaine. That was to numb it before they used the foot long (maybe a tad of an exaggeration) needle to numb the muscle. I think I felt that needle come out the other side of my thigh. Then the doc had a hard time finding muscle on me and asked me to tense it up a few times. This heightened my anxiety, because I thought I had better muscle mass than that. Then he marked it, but kept looking at my thigh bewildered. I asked what was up. He and I kidded around a lot, so the whole visit was rather amusing. He said he never saw the area swell like mine did and maybe I was having a reaction to the Lidocaine. I said my muscles react weird to everything and told him my calf cramped for ten minutes with the EMG needle. He said his did too (he suffers fasciculations that began one day when he tried to surf). Then he did the incision and told me to go to my happy place with a margarita (a scene from Happy Gilmore). We had fun conversation until he started applying more pressure. I felt a pop and he said my muscle snapped away, didn't want to give a piece. His assistant said he needed another piece. He asked her why and she quietly was explaining that the lab wanted three pieces. He was just beginning to argue with her when I told him to do what she said. He said, I was right and that he learned a long time ago that he should listen when a woman speaks! Then he said something was a little off. That's when I said that I didn't feel good. You know, the whole "I'm gonna throw-up, no wait, I'm gonna faint, why's it so hot in here, oh man my arms are tingling" thing. As they scurried about to find a basin for throwin up and a cold wet cloth, I asked the nurse to get my mom! Then, about five minutes later, I was fine. Mom was a little gray, though. I told him not to wait up for me, hurry up and get his third piece while I was still numb. I concluded it was a pure and simple anxiety attack. He still thought it was a reaction.

Anyway, afterwards he held up this instrument (the guy thought he was really funny and he was so cute I led on that he was! Actually, he really was funny!) that had a hook in the middle of it. He said, "see what I stuck in your leg"! It had blood on it about 4 inches up! And they used a suction machine to help grab the pieces of muscle off. When I finally looked at it, I said holy crap, you put golf balls in there!

I asked him if he was going to tell everyone he had a puker and a fainter. He laughed and said the guy last week actually was so faint and a mess he couldn't do it and came back the second time and had just as bad of a time, so I wasn't that bad!

Then he glued me shut, steri-stripped it and glued a piece of plastic over it. They said it would feel like a bad charlie horse or like I hit the corner of a table. Yea right. Good thing my mom had a crutch at her house! Oh, by the way, I think the Xanax kicked in on the drive home.

All I have to say is, this sure as crap better give the answers to what's going on! They said it's easier than an EMG. I say shocks are better, but, we are all different! All's well that end's well! Leslie

I know you are glad to have that behind you! Hopefully it will provide some answers.

How long do you have to wait for results?

Hope your thigh doesn't give you too much of a problem. What a procedure...

Leslie, I feel your pain, I had it done back on March 1. I'm a big old boy, 6'1", 235#, but when that little lady dr. touched that muscle, I thought I was gonna come of that table and bear hug her. I've had sveral kidney stones and I told the wife that this pain equaled one of them.
And kidney stones are bad! When I worked in the ER, we always knew when a man had a kidney was usually the only time you could hear them scream as if they were in labor! Sorry you have had to endure such pain.

The results of the biopsy usually takes 2-3 weeks. Leslie
Thanks Yall.

I'll need two Xanax's now.............

Hope you get to feeling better leslie...

and bdyle...i'm set to have it in the same facility you did, why was there so much pain? Didn't they deaden it...

I'm a whimp when it comes to pain, and pain medication does not work well, i've got a very high tolerance to it.

When i had my vasctomey....i felt the entire thing...

now i'm really freaking...

Yes they did deaden it and she told me I woudn't feel anything until she touch the muscle. She said they can deaden down to the muscle, but not deaden the muscle, I don't remember the reason for that. But she told the truth, I did not feel anything until she started on the muscle. My pain tolerance is not that good either, maybe I'm just a big baby.
Jamie - didn't you read my DO NOT READ! Just kiddin! It's really not all that bad, I am a baby when it comes to anything invasive. The pain wasn't bad with me, but the doc that did mine has been reprimanded by the lab for using too much Lidocaine He told me that! They said it interferes with the muscle specimen. He said he argues with the lab all the time. Funny thing, Jamie, I can't take even a tylenol with darvocet without being out like a light! You'll be fine. Got an Ipod? :) Leslie

Thanks bdyle....i'm now panting...turning red....ok, sweating now.....great....passing out now......

bdyle, what was this persons name, so i'll know when the pain is coming.......great guys...i just love all of you and leslie started it now.....your at the top of my hit list...and i was stupid enough to read all of'll need a xanax now. long did it take for your results?

ok...going rest to catch my breath now....



I would likely give you a good run for your money on the # of test...... the poor insurance company...i'm sure they know me by name in the EOB

c yall

Jamie - cool your jets! I DO NOT want you going in there all worked up, though, I suppose it's a little late for that! Honestly, it was just the whole idea of what they were doing that caused my anxiety. And if you're not driving, go ahead and take 2 Xanax (actually 1 the night before helps too), what the heck! I'm really trying hard here to get off that hit list! Leslie
Lol....i still love all you guys...ooops...and

i'll be ok....i'll panic just like you, i could take a bottle of xanax and still panic....that's fixing it...

c yall

Muscle Biopsy

Two Months ago I took my Brother Timothy for a Muscle Biopsy. He was under local anesthesia for about 15 minutes. He woke up, I took him home in about 30 minutes.
He was sore for a few days. Thats about it.

Your stress is not going to help, My brothers Neuro. and my Neurosaid the same thing. When you are upset, stressed out and have anxiety if affects your whole body. All the nerves are attached. Keep that in mind.

I am dealing with the same issue my self. But, I,m learning.

Good Luck,

THe muscle biopsy I had was the final test that verified I had ALS. They had done every other test they could think of and then I got the results back May 11, 2006. That is when I got my DX. ALS. No fun but at least then I knew what it was and what to expect. I also could plan for the future, to prepare myself and family for what we all knew was coming.
So in a way it was a relief. Finally knowing what was going on with my crazy out of control muscles.
I know that won't help much if the test come back with a negative report, but at least you can see my perspective.

God Bless
Capt AL
Capt Al

Hi Captain Al,

Do you mind if I ask what were the reults of your muscle biopsy? Mine came back 'generalized atrophy' and fibers of various size. My doc says that with ALS you will have 'group atrophy' from the process of denervation/renervation, but not sure is that is the only result indicative of ALS.

Mine was severe denervation and definite loss of nerve function in the muscle fibers. I can't remember the exact wording, but that was the main part of it. They took a sample about 2 inches long by 1 inch thick of my major upper thigh leg area.
I hope this helps.

God Bless
Capt AL
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