Muscle Atrophy?

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Jan 1, 2008
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I have lost 3" of circumference from my thighs and upper arms in just under 2 months. Does Muscle Atrophy happen this fast in ALS?
Not that fast from anything I've read or heard.
Thanks AL
I didn't thinks so, I thought the nerves died off 1st and then the muscle atrophy, from what I have read on this site and others, please educate me if I am wrong? So far I have seen 3 neurologist (2 VA and 1 private) and 1 neuroscientists that all say I don't have ALS, but have no idea what is wrong with me, so I'm getting an extended EMG (not sure what that entails) next week, first one was a partial EMG (calf and forearm only) and I was informed it was normal. So far the only thing that was rules out was MG with a blood test and MS with an MRI.
I would think an extended EMG would be 4 limbs back and possibly the tongue. Put simply, what you have read is about it. Signals dont get from the brain to muscles and they die off or atrophy. Hopefully the long test will give you some answers. In the meantime try not to panic. Stress makes most things worse.
Thanks AL
I'm trying not to, but watching what happened to my grandfather and now what has happened to me. I'm not feeling to good about it.
I think I read in one of your other post that you lost 25 lbs. this is probably why you lost 3" in thigh and arm.
It does sound like you had much testing yet. They can't rule out MS with just a MRI they need to do a spinal tap as well. Which will test many different things.
How were your reflexes?
Its not so much the losing weight its that I lost it in 2 weeks and then lost the 3" in 1.5 months later. Thank You for the info on MS, I did not know that, although a spinal tap sound immensely painful but worth the comfort of a R/O. Reflexes are with in normal ranges, all though one Neurologist had to hit my R leg twice cause the first time it did not move.
Is it really possible to lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks and not end up in the hospital with vomiting and diaharea or something serious? 25 lbs of muscle just doesn't drop off like that. If you said flesh eating disease I'd believe that. My niece had that and she lost a lot in a short time before she was done.
I got a Rhabdo DX which is skeletal muscle damage with kidney and liver damage (which I was told has resolved). I did have server diaharea for 2 weeks and receive 4 litters of I've fluid in that time. I could barely eat or drink, even water would burn my throat and cause serve abdominal pain, the pain was so bad they gave me a stomach pain med for people getting chemotherapy. As far as the 25 lb., I went from 232 Nov 7, 2007 down to 202 by Nov 23, 2007. So I actually lost 30 lb. in 16 days. I have so far gained back 7 pounds but continue to measure smaller mass in arms and legs. I imagine the weight loss was from fat, water, and muscle? I have documented all my symptom, doctor visits, and conversation with those directly involved with the incident, incase Johnny Law decides to do anything at all. I'm sorry to hear about your niece, I hope she made a full recovery.
reflexes in normal range is a very good sign of something treatable...

Al- What is a flesh eating disease?
That's reassuring (reflexes) hopefully they stay that way.
Flesh eating disease is necrotizing fasciaitus. Probably spelled wrong but it is a Strep A type infection that eats the flesh. Spreads rapidly and can be fatal. Hers was. This is way off topic but since you both asked.
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Sorry, for you and your families loss.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your niece. I have heard about this illness before and it's amazing how quickly it can move.
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