Mucus Discharge /IBS?

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Jay Q

Aug 11, 2018
Wondering if anyone has suffered with this problem. For the last three years I have dealt with periodic discharge of mucus separate from toileting. My bowel program is such that I go every morning initiated with Enemeez. While I have dealt with occasional constipation, for the most part I have been fairly regular. My issue is in the afternoon or evening, I will suffer from mucus discharge as I am being transferred. Most times it is just mucus, no stool. It is frequently preceded by a few hours of what feels like bubbles popping in my gut. Doctors point to Irritable bowel syndrome as likely cause. I suspect anxiety plays a role.

When it started, it occurred maybe monthly, then frequency became weekly. Now, it's every few days. Multiple stool sample reveal nothing. X-ray don't reveal anything. Probiotic have not been a solution.

Body produces mucus to aid in stool passing. But this occurs regardless of whether I have a good bowel movement that day.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Interested in any advice.
Sorry that you are going through this. Are you eating, or using a feeding tube? I agree transit time could play a role but often that goes back to diet anyway.

Probiotics can actually increase mucus. More fiber and/or fluid may help.

Anxiety/stress can play a role as well, but again, I think of diet as the foundation since that's what the GI tract has to process. That and timing what you do consume would be something to look at.

Understanding that your stool was sampled, did you have bloods drawn for inflammatory/IBD markers?
I am 100% feeding tube and have been for several years. We have tried different types of food. Presently pursuing fodmap diet. Also have adjusted timing and am presently pursuing more smaller feedings as opposed to three bigger feedings per day. The fodmap plus smaller meals is more comfortable.

Planning to discontinue probiotic to see if frequency of mucus events decrease. Have not had any blood work related to IBS.
Glad to hear it. One note -- blood work would be related to IBD, not IBS. Two different things.
i tried low fodmap by mouth and it was helpful but drove me nuts. now i take xifaxan when i get bloating.

for me, avoiding constipation was important. i have found that magnesium solves that problem.

i wonder if you have a sensitivity to some ingredient in your supplement, eg dairy, that could account for the mucus.

ms. google has several possible explanations. maybe it is time for a second opinion.
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