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Apr 3, 2007
Just wanted to let you guys know I met Capt. Al at the Jerry Lewis telethon yesterday in Biloxi, MS. It was a great honor to meet him, after reading the many great threads he has posted. He is just what many of you have said about him and much more, wonderful man with a good attitude, very humble, and has a great wife. May God continue to bless him and his family.

bdyle, I am so happy you actually got to meet Capt Al. How was the weather? Was it an outdoors or indoors event? Did you guys take pictures? Have a blessed one!

We got the pic's coming soon, MDA Telethon

WOW, we were on television, live, in the studio of WLOX TV, Biloxi, Ms. You might be able to find some of the video on the net under

Hey, Billy is a great guy. I was glad to finally meet him in person. He is blessed with a great attitude and wonderful family. Billy has a great deep voice for TV. He ought to be on radio as an announcer or something.

We were nervous as a cat in a dog pen. I was scared, but when I played back the video, we both did a pretty good job, I think.

They even allowed us to give a plug for the They led in by saying we met in a chat room on the internet and we were quick to let them know it wasn't "just" a chat room, but a support group for MND people and their caregivers.

I don't mean to be so rambunctious, but I'm excited that we were able to help in some small way at the MDA telethon, and also reach out to our community about the forum.

Thanks Billy, I appreciate your help in making me feel comfortable when I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. :-D:-D We had a great time.

We have some in studio pictures coming from the news people and I am trying to copy the video and post it later on my webpage.

God Bless
Capt AL
Please inform us when you get stuff posted to your web page! COOL!:-D
Good job, Al!:-D It's great to have all this new awareness! Congrats on a job well done.
Great pic! Who's who? Who has the beard ? Again, great pic!

Al has the beard. Click on his name and see home pg there are a lot of pic.
Sorry, I did not get back to you sooner. I've been in bed for awhile.

Yes I'm the bearded one. Look like a Pirate. :-D Maybe I could get a part in one of Johnny Deeps movies about Pirates as an extra.:-D

I'm still haggling with the TV station about copyright stuff and all. Looks like they are going to send me a DVD copy eventually and then I can post it on my website. For those who may not know how to look my website up it's at

Thanks for all the great comments and support.

God Bless
Thanks Al, just doing what we can to raise the awareness and get more research for ALS. We're all in the same boat here. Trying to catch up on all the post, just got back from Houston about 3:00 pm. today. Dr. Apell said everything still going good, arms, hands and legs getting weaker, but we already knew that. Wants me to increase Bacoflen if possible for the stiffness, it's getting worse, he said if it doesn't get any better we may want to discuss a Bacoflen pump when I go back in Dec. Well I'll quit rambling here and finish catching on on the post I missed the last couple of days.

God Bless Everyone,
Welome back from Houston, Billy

We missed you. I went ahead and started my own team for the walk, because I think I can raise a little money that way by my friends seeing me up there on the AL's Pals list. I look forward to making the walk with you and friends on the 29th.

WLOX ran out of tape after the first part of our interview, but they will be sending a copy of the first part at least. I will make you a copy and post on my myspace account. I have it recorded on my DVR but cannot find anyone who knows how to copy it from the DVR? Send me you address by email.

God Bless
Capt AL
MDA Telethon Video of Billy Dyle and AL Marble

Well it took me days to figure out how in the world to get this on the Internet. The whole video was such a large file that I had to keep cutting it down just so I could store it on the net, and then they limited it to 5 minutes. Billy and I talked for over 9 minutes, but I think I got the good parts for those who want to see it.

Go to my web page and on the middle left under the television heading, you should see an arrow in the middle, click on that and then on the bottom arrow on the left, and hopefully it works.
I went there about three times before I could get it to work.

I also have a new song that was written and performed by the brother of a friend who has ALS. It has a great message. I'm not into this new kind of music that much, But I really enjoy his message.

The link is

God Bless ALL
Capt AL
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The rap song on your myspace could really make an impact on our society! People will listen to his story and they will care. This is the music the younger generation is listening to because of the messages the rappers are trying to send. He does an excellent job sending his message. I plan on sending a link of that song out to everyone I know.

You guys did a great job on the telethon and it was really enjoyable to see you both, listen to you and feel like I know you! Al, your myspace is so great. What a wonderful family.
Very cool! ALS is "getting younger and younger" if you know what I mean! Good that a rapper is spreading the word.

Thank y'all for your courage and steadfastness!
Thank you so much for your comments. I really want to give Billy credit for helping me get through the TV interview. I was so nervious I could barely speak. We did our best, and that's all anyone can ask I guess.

Billy has a great voice, he should have been a radio announcer. He has also raised more money than any other team for the New Orleans walk for ALS.

God Bless
Capt AL
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