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Jul 22, 2007
I am new to the group and have some questions. I am a Caregiver to my Aunt who has been diagnosed with MS however after reading the symptoms of ALS I wonder if she was misdiagnosed? She is in a wheelchair, has breathing problems at night while sleeping, muscle weakness, attophy in her legs real bad, pain, swallowing problems, cognitive problems and severe mood changes. The MRI indicated lesson real bad in her brain however her fatigue is very bad. She has tried all of the drugs for MS however with no luck. The only med that seems to help some is IVIG once a month. Depression can be real bad. She was diagnosed in 1990 but has had symptoms of stumbling, falling since grade school. Can this disease go into remission and come back. She always felt real good during Pregnacy but the bottom fell out after. Any help would be appreachiated. Thanks. Jerry
When you said, "The MRI indicated lesson real bad in her brain." I assume you mean lesion? From what i have read i believe this is a sign for MS. Being diag'd in 1990 and still being alive would also partly rule out ALS, also how old is your Aunt so we can rule out aging as being the problem?
Yes it was supposed to lesion. Aging is not the problem as she has always been very Intelligent and knew 5 languages before her stroke. What is the life span usually with someone that has ALS? Jerry
Hi Jerry and welcome to the forum. I hope your aunt does not have ALS as it progresses rather guickly in most people. We have some on this forum who are defying the odds and have lived for years with ALS but the average timeframe is 2 -5 years. I did some reasearch on MS as my doctor once promised me (his words) that what I have is MS but his tests ruled out that guess. Anyway, I concluded that MS is a much better disease to have, not just because of the time frame but also because the effects that you have to live with for MS seem like the lesser of 2 evils, to my way of thinking. Regards, Cindy
Jerry - I am so sorry for your aunt. You seem like a very compassionate person. Yes, MS can go into remission. There are several different types of MS, but one of them is the type that remits. Fatigue is also a major factor for MS. I would have to believe her diagnosis, with the MRI and the other symptoms and assume that her disease has left the remitting type. Are there any MS support groups in your area. Maybe that could help lift her spirits and also help you to understand what is happening to her better. My prayers are with you. ~Leslie
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