Mri,s normal EMG,s normal

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GEO of Ruskin

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Nov 30, 2004
Hi guys im new here
im in the 5th yr. of a PLS diagnoses probable have dysarthria and spasticity ,my MRI-5 and EMG 4,s are normal i moved to florida where the weather is better for me i dont get stiff .I recently got an ear infection from a cold i got on a jet plane then got vertigo finnaly got into a doctor and he doesnt want to give me anything for the vertigo as he says its my neuro condition thats causing it .Bull .Has anyone else had this ?
George at [email protected]
welcome george! what is pls? i also had a normal emg, but my doctor still believes that i have als.
Primary Lateral Sclerosis...

Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) is a rare neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness in the voluntary muscles. PLS belongs to a group of disorders known as motor neuron diseases. Motor neuron diseases develop when the nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement degenerate and die, causing weakness in the muscles they control. Onset of PLS usually occurs after age 50. Symptoms may include difficulty with balance, weakness and stiffness in the legs, and clumsiness. Other symptoms may include spasticity (sudden, involuntary muscle spasms) in the hands, feet, or legs; foot dragging, and speech problems due to involvement of the facial muscles. The disorder usually begins in the legs, but it may also start in the tongue or the hands. The disease-which scientists believe is not hereditary-progresses gradually over a number of years, or even decades. In PLS, there is no evidence of the degeneration of spinal motor neurons or muscle wasting (amyotrophy) that occurs in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), which it resembles. Diagnosis of PLS is often delayed because it is mistaken for ALS

Mike your right on the mark .Now my problem is since doc,s dont know for sure i ask myself is 5 yrs. correct now i hear ALS 10yrs. so every time i get a twict i get panicky .Some times i catch myself and say settle down because theres nothing you can do anyway.Havent had much if any progression .i quit drinking beer as i used to have 2 a day and one morning i couldnt form words and one night i had to have my wife help me down a handicapped ramp ,so i said enough is enough .I feel better and it seems to have helped my vertigo i had also started vitamins again B-1 C Fish Oil Zink and Herbal Life powder .I still get the glums on glummy days
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