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Jul 23, 2005
Had my MRI today of head and neck so should know results in 7-10 days hopefully.I have been wracking my memory (due to them saying I've had this for a while) for early symptoms other than the thumb weakness which is gone now.My eyesight started to decline about a year or so ago while trying to read words at a distance (blurry), a year ago I had a spell of incontinence or very weak bladder which the urge would come on hard and very fast and led to some uncontrolable moments during the nite and daytime,lasted about 6 months.I seem to lose equilibrium some times and have actually slammed my head into the top of my truck cab a couple of times when trying to get into my pickup truck.I seem to have a rocking motion though slight and feel like I have a inner tremor, also noticed a slight numbness in my chin that comes and goes and switches sides.Both the thumb and bladder weakness are now gone, the neurologist says he see's atrophy in hands but my GP can't see it, and my hand strength is equal to his.My symptoms now are some twitching all over, except in the thumb muscle they tested with the EMG it seems fine.My legs feel weak somedays and rubbery but appear normal in mass.A lot of what I feel is actually so subtle it is hard to separate it from being real or anxiety based.I do have tightness in my forearms and they do seem to tire somewhat along the top from my wrist to my elbow along a specific muscle.My friend whose wife was diagnosed recently with MS said alot of what I describe is the same as his wife's symptoms.My brother who had a MRI last year after 23 years of living with whatever it is we have (ALS ?) said his spinal cord is nearly worn through at his neck from the years he has had it, is this normal with ALS (the spinal cord deterioration.I will post back when I get MRI results and results from ALS Clinic.Just made apt for next monday Aug 22 to discuss MRI with the neuro,pretty shitty when your hoping for MS !
Sensory symptoms usually don't come with ALS, I am told by the neurologists but I had and still do, have sensory and bladder symptoms. I really thought that I had MS and not ALS at first. Some forms of MS can be a better prognosis than ALS, in my opinion. However, the scientists are just starting to understand ALS, you never know what the future holds for science and us.keep us posted.
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