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Jan 10, 2008
hello everyone,i hope you all are ok.
with one thing and another this past 2wks i have not been around(just the chance to bob in and out for 5minutes)
the bulbar symptoms(jaw spasms) reached crisis point last week with 20 or more a day.
my chin area keeps dropping now when talking sometimes,i guess its weakness:-(.

any enough about that.
last week i finally was told by my local council they have a disabled adapted home for me,i have been waiting over 18mths.
i live in a 2storey house with big garden on a hill,least to say these past few years i can no longer manage.
my new home is a ground floor flat(apartment to the none brits)
it has patio areas for the residents,very quiet and private.
it is 3miles away from here in a country village were i grew up,so i know the area.
my younger sister lives down the road from my new home.
it is adapted for wheelchair users(hope i wont need one for a bit longer yet)
also it has a special bathroom fitted called a wet room.
i will miss here and my beautifull garden but it has to be done.
so i will be gone for a few weeks,sorry forgot i move next saturday.
will be busy this week,lots of people helping me.
i will try to stop by and say goodbye,i will miss you all.

rose..........i read your aspiration thread,sorry i could not reply but you have been in my thoughts all week. i hope you feel better soon.
hopingforcure,rose and sharona i will try and send a pm later this week.

now,last week also i got a new addition to my family................a 6wk girl kitten called daisy.
she and her siblings had to be hand reared as there mum was too ill.
she has us up at 6am and is a handfull for something so tiny.
she is still on some milk but eats tiny bits of food now.
oscar my 3yr old ginger tom is not impressed by this new arrival,he will be distraught when we move as his brother lives next door.

sadly on the day we move it will be a year to the day olly (oliver) died.
i have attached a photo of daisy.
i will keep you all in my thoughts while i am away.


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I've been thinking about you so much! It sounds like the move is a good thing. I know we've talked about your garden, and how beautiiful it is, but also how hard it is for you to keep up with now.

The location of your new home sounds perfect. Being closer to your sister, and that its still in a country village.

The kitten is adorable! ~ love the name. I hope Oscar takes to her.

Please don't over do with this moving. Seriously, you let it be done for you, you can be the "director". I don't envy you with having to make the decisions as to what to keep, and what to leave behind. the: Has It Been Worn/Used In The Last Two Years Rule works well for me.

Good luck with all of this, and write when you can. big hugs! :)
Hello Caroline,

I had noticed you were not around that much lately and am sorry to hear about your jaw spasms. I hope they have calmed down? or that you have been provided with some relief...

I echo Rose's comments to not overdo the move, be the supervisor. It sounds like you will have lots of help, but take care of yourself-no matter how you look at it a move is exhausting.

The kitten is adorable, we have fostered kittens for our local SPCA and know the commitment it takes to feed them at the age. Daisy is lucky to get a new home with such caring people. And I hope Oscar transitions well to the new house. In our recent move, the two cats we thought would be freaked out were so nonchalant; they didn't miss a beat they settled in so fast. The two cats we thought would be easy were the most traumatized; hiding in the cellar or under the bed for days. But now they're fine, of course. Thank goodness! Hopefully Oscar surprises you and finds that sunny spot and just plops himself down for a nap!

Daisy is adorable and will bring you many smiles with her antics I am sure. It is hard to leave a place you love and I hope your new place is filled with more.

Take care
Hi Caroline! I wish you the best of luck. May God bless you in every way. Your present home sounds beautiful. I love the country, hills, gardens and such. I pray to God you adjust to your new place. It's gonna be different, but be glad you have your sister close to you.

I remember when olly passed. May he rest in peace.

Your kitten Daisy is a cutie. Is that you holding her? Okay, Caroline, I'm out. I have loads of things to do. My doc cleared me for surgery. I have decided to have it done this week. Am checking into the hospital early Thursday this week to get it done. I was going to have it done next week, but I am anxious to put this behind me. God bless you. Hope you get settled soon, and please keep on posting. Always a pleasure to hear from you.


I'm so very happy that a flat is available now for you! Although I know you will miss your beautiful garden, I'm sure this will be a welcome blessing with your sister right down the road. ( You live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! )

Good luck with the move!
Hi Caroline,
Your baby kitten is adorable. I have a cat she is about 5yrs old & a fisty one she is.My 13 yr old beagle is terrified of her because she moves so fast.Del finally emailed me .Thanks for telling him I was inquiring about him,he wasn't answering my emails.Sounds like your new home will be perfect for you & having your sis close is a plus.God Bless you.
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Hello Caroline...I am sure having your sister close by will fill you with beautiful 'new' memories! Your kitten is so sweet. It's good to give the older one a run for his money! :wink:

I hope your jaw will settle down some, and I wish you all the best with your new home!

thankyou everyone for your well wishes,i will miss you all so much.
my internet will take upto 15days to be reconnected.
my new home is great,all brand new kitchen/disabled bathroom.
i also have carelink,this is a emergency system and if you fall or are suddenly too ill to call for help you just press a button and theres someone at the carelink centre 24hrs a day who can talk on a intercom and get help.
i am feeling sad but i know this is for the best.
daisy was ill and had to go to the vets,she has meds and is feeling better.
take really really extra special care everyone.
my son shaun is holding daisy.


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what a sweet little kitten!
Hope you took it easy on yourself during the move,
and we'll catch up with you when you get all hooked up!
hugs to you,
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