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May 29, 2007
Hello everyone,
I saw my neuro again today, she basically said the results of my blood test and the MRI of the cervical spine where all normal. She said that she does not think i have anything wrong with me.. she has basically said that she tested me for everything and came up with all negatives. I asked her if she thought i could have ALS .. she replied with "You are to young and show no characteristics of the disease." However since she cannot find anything wrong she wants to get a second opinion (Not very many docs do this from what i have heard) Apparently she is good friends with the head neurologist at UAMS University of Arkansas Medical School (One of the best hospitals here in the south) They are also listed as a ALS clinic. So i think my second opinion will be able to help me :mrgreen: Also my neuro said she has not noticed any weakness and it has been a month and a half since i have seen her so more good news i guess, however it will be months till i see anyone at UAMS plus the docs haft to approve me as bad enough to be seen.. so more waiting!
I don't recollect how old you are to qualify for being too young for ALS. but let's hope you don't have it!

Let us know how the visit goes at the UAM.
Hi Monkey- Welcome to the waiting club. sorry you have no DX but every day without a DX of ALS is a good day!:-D Cindy
CindyM said:
Hi Monkey- Welcome to the waiting club. sorry you have no DX but every day without a DX of ALS is a good day!:-D Cindy

Hello Monkey, sounds like good news to me , but of course you want a positive answer, we will be waiting too , to hear the amswer. Good luck/ EM
Hey Monkey,
My mom's in the "waiting game" too. Two neuros said yes and one said no. So she's decided to say she has a disease with no title! Best of luck to you with the ALS center. I really do have faith that they know, more than anyone, who does or does not have ALS. That will be mom's next step. In the meantime, God bless you.
OK Monkey I'm going to get flack for this but, Hang in there! To me that is great news and don't worry about the wait. One of 2 things will happen. You stay the same or you get worse. If you get worse the new guy may diagnose something. If you stay the same then there's probably nothing serious wrong. Win win situation one way or the other. Until then live each day to the fullest.
I agree with Al you cant just sit around worring about what might be We are here already and trying to live our lives the best we can with ALS . God Bless hope all goes well. Pat
Hey Al-why would people give you flack for stating the ovious? :-D Maybe I'm just sensitive since I give this advice myself, and live it every day. I truly belive I will either get better, or not, and if not I will cope with whatever life throws me because, on this forum, I have met people who live productive and loving lives with lots worse than a little weakness, a few tingles, and some fasciculations. Cordially, Cindy
It was the Hang in there monkey I thought I'd get razzed about again LOL.
DUH! Missed that one completely, AL! It is always nice to see your characteristic humor injected into a thread! Cindy
Glad everyone is havin fun with my thread :mrgreen: !
By the way jimercat i am 21 years old.. and thanks for the support!
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