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May 12, 2006
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Dear Friends, my mom has bulbar ALS. In the beginning stages of her having difficulty with eating and having leftover food particles in her mouth, we ordered a case of minted mouth swabs from the medical supply company. They were delivered directly to her doorstep in 3 days. They look like a sucker on a stick, are premoistened and packaged individually. She was able to use them to clean and freshen her mouth after eating. She found them to be very helpful. I hope someone can benefit from this information. Please pray for Pat. my wonderful mother.
I am so sorry your mom has als. It was very kind of you to share the information that may be helpful to others.

Welcome Patty's girl. Sorry that your mom has ALS but glad you found us. If you have any little tips like that one don't be shy. You don't say where you are from but different things are available in different areas so something that is common for you might not be for someone in another province or state but if we know about them they can usually be ordered in. Tips like that help us all. Thanks.
Dear Patty,
Thanks very much for that tip. I have bulbar ALSas well, and can see how the swabs would be very helpful. I know they use them in the hospitals here, but just never thought of them for my use. They will fill a need! I will look into ordering some. Thanks again, and welcome to the forum.
Love and hugs, Leah
Hi Leah

Thank you for such a warm welcome!
My husband and his family are from New Brunswick too! We live in Michigan.
It was so good to hear back on my first posted message. I feel so helpless sometimes with what is going on with my mom, but tonight feel such a sense of reward knowing that what I have learned over the last 18 months will help others. Since my communication has become so limited with my mom at this time I can really connect with the people in this forum and feel closer to what it is she may be going through. She is in Nevada and I live near Detroit. Well gotta go now. Thanks again! Patty's girl.....
My mom would get the lemon flavored sponges and sponges without flavor. She would take the flavorless ones and dip them in things she liked and rub her tongue with them. She doesn't do that now - now the sponges are used for soaking in water and biting down on to moisten her mouth!

We've used those things for over a year and a half!
Hi All,

In Ontario, you can get the lemon pre-moistened swabs and also pink sponges on a stick which are a necessity for keeping the mouth moist and clean; especially when the ability to move food around in the mouth is slowing down.

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