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Mar 26, 2008
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Hello, I am new here and also a bit computer illiterate:-? so this is all new to me. My mom was diagnosed last year, but in reality she was misdiagnosed for about 2 years prior. She has the bulbar onset, so at this time so can not communicate verbally. Lately, she has been getting muscle spasms in her abdomen and torso when she turns or moves suddenly. Does anyone know if this means she is getting worse? Unfortunately, she is very depressed. Any response would help.. thanks Mary:)
Hi Mary,

I'm so sorry about your Mother. My husband has had ALS for 8 years and for 8 years he has had muscle spasms as well in his abdomen and back. It goes along with the ALS. My husband takes Qaulaquin, baclofen, and zanaflex. If he didn't he would be rolled up into a ball all the time. Every night I rub him down with Icy Hot cream and that seems to help some. Best to you and your Mother.

Hi Mary. Welcome to the forum although I am sorry things are not going well for your mother. You have come to the right spot, though. Lots of caring folks and lots of good tips aroudn here!
Thanks for the information

Well, tommorrow I am going with my mom to the Doctor. I will be telling him about her muscle spasms that she has been getting in the abdomen. My dad lives with her, and since she cannot speak he informs me of all her progress. She got an awful cramp in her arm tonight, so I will be discussing this with the doctor. She cannot swallow pills usually so I don't know if they have any medication in liquid form that will help her with the spasms. My dad doesn't speak english well so I always go with my mom to the Doctor visits. It is hard to communicate because she can''t speak and I know she doesn't want to burden me with her ailments. So any information on what to expect is greatly appreciated. Thanks again. :)
Hi Mary,
So sad what you have to endure, I am sorry. I am sure you will be strong for your mom and dad.
As far as the pills if they do not come in liquid form, you might be able to crush them and mix the crushed pill or pills into an applesauce or some other pureed food.
It's a good idea to write all your concerns and or questions down on paper before going to the Doctor. This way when you talk to him/her you can be sure not to leave anything out. In an earlier post to this thread one of the members mentions a couple of drugs that she gives her husband for similar spasms you might want to write them down to ask about them. Hope it all goes well. . God is with you.

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