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Aug 1, 2018
Sanpada, Navi Mumbai
Hi, My father in law Age -73 years diagnosed with Bulbar symptoms in March 2018. He was feeling slight dragging of foot and speech issue for more than a year, but after several doctors visits he was adviced for some voice exercises with reason of 'sound box issue due to age' but after more visits finally doctors concluded that he has MND. In India we dont have much forums and many doctors we visited have not much knowledge about this. So all we have to do is carry on with supplements and diet food advised by doctors.
As of now he is taking care of food intake, following all physiotherapy and other exercises for last 6-7 months but since last week his speech has gone very bad, and he says now chewing food is little tough (though we cook food with much care)
We dont have a proper guidance and are totally confused at this situation as of what to do next or what can happen next
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If he is having speech issues does he have a computer/ tablet/ smart phone? Many PALS that are bulbar use text to voice apps

For swallowing issues it is very important to maintain weight and not choke / aspirate. Would he want a feeding tube ? If so early is better. In the meantime high calorie foods that are easy to swallow. Smoothies are very helpful to many. You can also blend virtually anything to a good consistency. There are thickeners for thin liquids that may be challenging

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Very sorry about your FIL. If you can tell us what devices he is able to use, we can advise on ways for him to continue to communicate. Since he has begun to have problems chewing, it is likely those will progress into swallowing, so you might want to monitor carefully or avoid grains like corn, rice and foods that have little bits or shreds to them. Smooth foods like mashed potatoes, nut butters, apple sauce, pureed meats, soft eggs and such often work best at this stage. It is important to maintain his weight for overall health.

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