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Feb 21, 2006
Went to Dr. Castillo's website today on recommendation from my boss, he has a friend who diagnosed with cancer 9 mths ago and was given 3 mths to live at the time - well he went to the clinic and he's still around now and looks pretty good for someone who shouldn't be here or very sick.

Just wondering if anyone else has been to this site or heard any bad or good things on these type of treatments - though cost wasn't disclosed on site, I have e-mailed the Doc on what is the commitment to come and go though the treatment process.

Any response is appreciated - on a lighter note baseball season starts tonight - so go tribe go
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I don't know anything about this particular doctor. But there are many unscrupulous practitioners out there who are only too glad to take the money of desperate people with incurable conditions. Be very careful, especially if they want thousands up front and cannot explain how the treatment will benefit an ALS patient.

As for the baseball season, go Padres:)
I went to their site and they are claiming to fix or cure everything from soup to nuts. Be very wary of people that claim to fix any disease you can mention.
My two cents; doesn't look very reputable, there's no mention of ALS, there's no information about the clinic anywhere else, and the website is outdated and has broken links.

I would say this is a poor resource.
To follow up on the "be careful" of what you read and are recommended; especially when recommended by strangers or other people that may be less than trustworthy, individuals were recently charged with fraud in America after defrauding ALS patients of approximately $140,000 with claims of false procedures and hope.

Here's an excerpt from an article published on a local news site on the 31st of March, 2006:

The alleged scam, in which Charlene C. DeMarco, 44, a doctor of osteopathy, and Elizabeth Lerner, 38, reportedly collected up to $35,000 from each of four patients, was to involve injection of stem cells into their brains. No medical procedure was performed on any of the patients.

Both women are charged with conspiracy, three counts of mail fraud, six counts of wire fraud and money laundering.

If you'd like to read more about the allegations and fraud a full article is available here: Doctor Accused Of Defrauding ALS Patients
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Hi Lance,

I have not been to that website, but do know of a doctor that claims to have healed himself of cancer. Can you tell me what kind of treatment was used on his friend? I do agree with everyone else that we all need to be very careful when it comes to trusting strangers. But i am fairly confident that this doctor isn't out to hurt people or take advantage of them. He was my ministers, best man at his wedding. On top of his cancer being healed, he says he also healed one of his collegues wife of MS. I can't vouch for that, but my ministers wife had a crippling arthritsis and is now in remission from it. He does his healing through diet. Or maybe i should say the lack of food. He is very big on juicing. And 70% of your bodies intake is carrot, apple juice and also from time to time romaine lettuce. When you do eat, it's only certain types of food. Will it help ALS? I don't know. I did it for awhile but you have to really want to give up food. He also says to use organic veggies. I have also watch a video from another health food healer. He says if someone is terminal, we have no right to ever eat anything. They seem to think it is too hard on the body to digest food.
Food for thought.
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Heck I know 3 people cured of cancer. Some call it remission some call it cured. Words. Not wanting to disparage anyone's name but has anyone heard of Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Baker? Ministers or crooks? Stay skeptical and stay healthy and keep some of your hard earned money.
LMBO, i think your very wise to be distrustful of ANYONE, including ministers. But if your best friend came to you with info ,, that could possibly help you. Would you distrust him,, or the info. In this case i think i am safe in trusting my minister ,, cause he has nothing to gain one way or the other by lying to me. And the info was giving to me already,, FREE OF CHARGE. The only question here is ,, does it really work? I dont' stick with his strict diet as much as i should ,, because i also have bone weakness so i need the calicum,, which is not recommended on his diet. And we have ALS not cancer. So we are lossing our muscle and need protien,, also not allowed on that diet. My family doctor said,, try to do alittle of both ,, his diet and normal eating. So i just do what i can,, and hope for the best. Thats all any of us can do.
Hope you all have a great day.

Love and Prayers
As my dear old dad says (91) Just do the best you can. Glad you enjoyed the chuckle.
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