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Mar 30, 2006
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Good Morning Everyone,

Tomorrow I am going for the first time to Columbia Presbyterian ALS Clinic for another evaluation and I must say I am nervous and a little scared and when I am scared I always come here for the positive reinforcement.

I was wondering if any of you could give me a little insight into what important questions I could ask. I may not have enough knowledge in all the areas of ALS and I want to be loaded for bear when I go down there.

I have all my records and films (need a dolly to carry them HA! HA!).

Any input you can give me would greatly be appreciated!

As always thank you all for the wonderful support and input you all give.

mimi appointment

Hi mimi, Just wondered how your appointment at Columbia went?That is an excellent hospital. My son-in-law wasdiagnosed at Jefferson in Philadelphia. We joined the support group at Drexel tho. They are a great support group Jefferson was doom and gloom.My daughter plans on taking Jack to Columbia ina few months. He is eating only organic foods and is taking mega amounts of vitamins.He is looking healthyand his attitude is a lot better. His left hand and fingers are weaker than the right. That's where his symptoms started in the fingers and the twitching in his arms and legs. On June 24th there is a symposium at Jacob Javits Center in NYC we are going. They have workshops, info onALS Doctors who will speak its all free and lunch too. There is more but don't remember exactly what. I'll check with my daughter. Hope to hear from you. My Best, Beebe
Dear Beebe,

Went to Columbia today to meet the new neurologist and was pleased. He did a very thorough evaluation and set me up for another EMG and Spinal tap. So I go back on June 16th for both and back again a week after the tests. They have their own team so they re-do some of the testing that was done at already here upstate. Thank you for asking. :-D

Best wishes,
Hi Beebe,

Who was your son -in laws doctor at Jefferson? I was seeing 2 nueromusclar drs there that said they could not help me. 1 refered me to Unniverisity of Penn and the other to Drexel.

thanks, crytalkk
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