Maybe I just need reassurance

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May 27, 2024
Learn about ALS
I want to start of by wishing everyone in this forum all the best and can’t begin to imagine what your experiences have been like.

I’m 31 M and I do suffer from health aniexty. A lot of the time I can keep on top of it but sometimes it gets the better of me and I’m sure I’ve got something majorly wrong, these last few months that’s been the fear of ALS. For 5 weeks I’ve been twitching in my right foot arch. It’s on and off, usually it comes after a long day on my feet or playing football. I have noticed that I walk with my feet pointing outwards a bit, never noticed before but could of been a thing for a long time. This has led to me obsessing over my foot, checking for atrophy and checking for strength. I can walk on my toes and on my heels. I can wiggle my toes, I can run, I can jump and I can balance. Im overweight so some pose a challenge anyway but I can do them all. I have twitches elsewhere but not very often. My worry is that if I had a problem in the muscle of the foot arch would it affect my whole foot? Would I be able to do these things? I know no one can say for certain yes or no to it being okay or not but I guess I’m just after some reassurance. I’m trying to avoid reading diagnosis stories so my only knowledge is from the forum important info read first.

Sorry for bothering you all, i
Am trying hard to fight the health aniexty. Sometimes it wins.
You read the sticky so you know we are going to tell you twitching without accompanying loss of function is meaningless

Please get help for your health anxiety. I know there are waits for care but get on a list. It sounds like you are struggling valiantly but you shouldn’t fight alone. You deserve help

Good luck

Thank you for responding. I’m not overly worried about twitching, I accept it happens, but does cause panic when felt. I think I’ve got into my head that the line ‘it affects one muscle not the whole limb’ has caused this panic as I’m thinking what if it’s only affecting a small muscle in the foot and for now I can function fine. Is that possible or would there be tell tale signs from even a small muscle in the foot not working? I know myself reading that, that it’s pretty insane to think that way but that’s the nature of the fight sometimes. Basically would I be able to go about doing everything normally if this was the beginning of it?

Sorry again and thank you for responding.
If you are very worried and are unable to leave the worry behind, it is time to return to the doctor, get a clinical assessment and speak to them about managing anxiety. You can address your concerns directly to them and point out what it is that you are specifically concerned about and follow their guidance on what next steps are, if any.

The information we provide here is basic and we will always recommend to speak with a doctor before continuing to engage with a forum that focuses on supporting those who have been directly affected by a diagnosis of ALS/MND. A community like the muscle twitch group or health anxiety groups on reddit, where you are speaking with peers might be more helpful to you.
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Kookabura, I’ve tried hard to avoid posting this near fact…

Being others seem to be absent saying this being so rare.

ALS is a rare disease even more very extremely rare is
for someone 31 years old to be diagnosed with ALS

Yes, worldwide a few have been diagnosed still leaving
the odds… high six digits and maybe seven digits against
you ever being diagnosed with ALS.

Some have posted they were but that is the forum having
to take their word.

We haven’t heard much from them since.

You need some serious help for your Health Anxiety.
You’re too young to be burdened with worry of both.

I hope one of your doctors, now and future, resolve
your concerns a give you the out to a happy care free
life for another 31 years and more after that.
Thank you all for your responses. I shall take my leave now, and I wish everyone all the best.
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