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Apr 7, 2007
well - the most any of you have heard from me in the last 3 months have been fundraising in Honor of my friend - all of which has been successful.... but now i have been confronting the ugly realization that my friend and mentor has deteriorated to a point where he will need a peg tube - and he is struggling to speak and breathe... I am so overwhelmed with the fact that my friend John has been so positive and strong despite this disease encroaching on his physical abilities. John is so dear to me - closer than ALLmy siblings - so it truly is like losing a dear brother - though I do hope he plateaus soon and is able to enjoy his life with his wonderful little family - he will move away from here - where I have been blessed with being a part of his daily life - making meals and smoothies - all kinds of little things that were just bright parts to his day....

My little kids enjoy visiting him every day and now they will lose that daily contact with "their uncle" as they too, are closer to John than any aunt or uncle they have. I just wanted to let you know that I have been around and have received a lot of support from Gina - on a daily basis - and I do think of many of the CALS and PALS often - I am just so overwhelmed with what is happening with my friend - i struggle to cope - trying to find a way to still help even though they will now be 3 hours away.... he is my friend and mentor - he is my brother and I have to say good bye all too soon - i acnnot help much longer - he leaves in a week... and my ability to help will be taken from me - I believe I am connected to john on a whole different spiritual level and try to hold onto that connection.
Please pray for my friend John - he is to become a grand father in November, with his daughter's first child and wants so badly to hold this little one - I believe he will hold the baby and pray every noght that he is granted such a wonderful gift.
Hi, swmn! What a post! My heart goes out to you and your dear friend. I pray to God that he will still be around when his grandbaby arrives. God bless these folks. God only knows what they are thinking about during their journey. God bless you all!

John and his family are very lucky to have someone like yourself in there life. I am sorry that he is moving away
you sound devasated. I will pray that John gets to hold and enjoy his grandchild.
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