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Nov 9, 2006
Has anyone here heard of or tried Marvision? This was highlighted on a recent local news show because its inventor, whose mom died from ALS, is from our area. It is some sort of a method for communication for those who are paralysed/cannot speak and involves somehow pointing at pictures to communicate. I'm not totally clear on the details.

Also, did anyone see "So Much So Fast" on PBS this past Monday. It conflicted with "24" so in my house there was no way that would get picked to be watched (we are one of those rare American households with only one TV and no cable - a great way to raise kids with consensus building skills :wink:). Just wondering how it was. PBS often repeats programming so maybe I'll get a second chance.

Another post has the date for that movie on PBS as 4/3. I think it was from MTPockets on the caregivers forum. Good luck watching it this time! It would probably make a good family movie.
Someone also posted an address where you can buy the dvd. I'm not sure if it was on Leo Greene's site or on ALSA's site. AL.

I checked both places and it wasn't there. Does anyone else remember seeing it?
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If you do a google search on marvision there is a website for it. $225 seems a little steep for a simple laser pointer and book and music stand. But then most stuff for disabled people is way overpriced.
Hi Liz

Hi Liz, We are in N.J. and PBS Channel 13 is showing the movie Tuesday April 3rd at 9pm. We used to live in the Kingston N.Y. area most of my family still live up there. Loved it there! Been at the Jersey shore for almost 27 years now. Hope you get to see the movie. My Best to you, Beebe
I pulled rank last night (nixing all votes from the Dancing with the Stars fans in my house) and watched the repeat of "So Much So Fast". I haven't quite digested it all yet, but appreciated the fact that the story wasn't presented as a tearjerker. Some of my coworkers watched it too and it stimulated quite a bit conversation today at work. I was really touched by the fact that some of them took the time to watch the program just so they could better understand what's happening to me.

I was contacted by the owner of the Marvision company by PM and he gave me some information on the time involved and the development costs of his system. Taking that into account maybe his system isn't that expensive after all. He says the next one to his is almost 4 times as expensive. Now that's outrageous.
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Liz- I am not surprised that your co-workers wanted to learn about what is happening ot you. You're a great gal and it stands to reason that you've made a diference in the lives of more than a few of them! Cindy
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