Married 30 years Today.

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Oct 1, 2005
Today my husband and I will be married thirty years. My best friend, the love of my life. When we walked down the isle together we knew we would be together forever and a day. The priest said that day, for better for worse, through sickness and in health, through happy times and sad times. We have lived through many happy times and still do, we have lived through for better for worse and still do and we have lived and will continue to love each other dearly through sickness and in health. I told my husband this morning the best gift I could ever recieved in my life was my darling husband. Together we will walk through this road of ALS and we will hang on to each other and never let go. I am truly blessed to have a loving, kind, caring and wonderful man. Today I hold him a little bit tighter.


Congrats :)

This is so nice.... Your words are so wonderful to read....

Please, please remain as happy together years from now as you are today. Your so positive and so strong in your words this is the attitude that I believe will help us all to know that ALS does not stop life... WEWEILLBEATTHIS :)

Enjoy your special day... Do something wonderful...

Dear Sandy,
CONGRATULATIONS! Thirty wonderful years, you and your husband are blessed.
It is inspiring to the rest of us to read how you are able to carry on and make the best of things, inspite of the fact that I know that your heart aches at times.
Enjoy your anniversary!
Hugs and prayers, Leah
Dear Sandy,

CONGRATULATIONS! 30 years, wow. Hope you enjoy your day and hope you share many more wonderful years together. It is so nice to hear that your love has never waivered and you both sound like strong, caring people. Have fun on your special day and may God Bless You both!

Love, Carol
Thank you so much for the lovely replies, they mean alot to both of us.

My husband and I share a love for music. We have been singing to together for many years also. We have sang at many functions and soon we will be singing again for one. We have fun together. As we go through this very painful time we are learning to try and enjoy the things we love. We try to keep things as normal as possible. Sometimes we will just get out the microphones and amplifiers and turn the music on and sing. It is a wonderful way to release tension. Yes, we are terrified of what the future holds but we will try to keep singing and having fun. When we start to feel really sad we say to each other okay lets do something and have a laugh. You are all wonderful, caring people here and I have to say thank you to each and everyone of you for being there for us and please know we are there for all of you.

beautiful post

CONGRATS CONGRATS :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Best wishes
Congratulations Sandy to you and your husband on 30 beautiful years! Bless you both.

Thank you again for the kind replies. As my husband loses his abilities to be able to dress himself, to pick up things, to do things he enjoys he feels more and more depressed. He said to me last night, who would have thought that you would be helping me to dress thirty years later. He looked very sad when he said this. He said I hope I can hug you our next anniversary. As I said in my post I will hold him a little bit tighter, I will be your arms if you are no longer able to hug, I will be your legs if you are unable to walk, in other words I will be standing there every moment you will never feel empty. Thank you again for all the words of kindness, they meant alot to both of us. I will not deny that we are not frightened because we are but knowing we have friends here helps us keep moving on.

Today is our 26th anniversary, we're a day and a few years behind. My wife has a confirmed ALS diagnosis and I've been mostly just reading along here. But I want to thank you so much Sandy, for expressing things so perfectly, and with such powerful poetry. I even broke my personal rule of not crying at work......

- Marty

Congratulations on your anniversary as well. Twenty six years, that is wonderful. I am sorry you are both living with als, I wish I knew the right words to say. I do thank you for your kind words. Hope you have a wonderful Anniversary.


Hey Sandy:

Big congratulations on your anniversary and you too Marty. I just love to read your posts Sandy. So much love and devotion. In this day of so much divorce, it is great to hear of your undeniable love for your husband. I think I will hug my husband a little tighter as well. Hope you had a wonderful day together. Thirty years is a long time.

Barb :)
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