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Aug 4, 2007
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I tried to pm you your message box is full. Mya
Sorry to say he passed away quite a while back.
I am so sorry to hear this I have not been on this forum for some time, I feel so stupid.. I had seen something he had posted when I was reading one of his postings and was interested in speaking to him. I feel so bad, I don't know what to say other than this really shows the reality of this illness. I apologize to anyone who was friends with him on this forum. Mya
I just noticed he has not been on here since 2005 which I never noticed. I was just searching a topic and something he had mentioned I wanted to talk with him about. I feel so terrible.
Hey, CJ! I went to mannco's old posts, and found out why June is ALS month in Canada and guess what? Like Lou Gherig my son was born June 18th and passed June 3rd. Isn't that soimething? I believe Lou was born June 19, I guess, but I do not know what day in June he passed. What a coincidence!

O.k. after feeling really stupid, I went back and read more about Chris. He was truly an amazing man, an advocate for people living with ALS. I encourage anyone to go back and read his posts and threads. I'm sure he'd be happy to know he was still being talked about and admired for his courage and for his fight to bring awareness to ALS. Rest in peace.
Maybe we should move all of our passed members onto a memorial list. Just a thought...Cindy
That is a wonderful idea Cindy. I just joined this forum after my son passed, and there are times when I want to know something about the former members, even if they have passed I still would be interested to find out when they were diagnosed'ed, and such. Am I sounding too morbid? I hope not! Naw really Cindy, if we had a Memorial site, it would be easier to sort out. What do you think?

Memorial list

Hi Cindy - I totally agree. This is an idea I pm'd Al about a few weeks ago. I think it would be wonderful to have a special place on this board intended only to post stories of those people we have lost along the way. If you notice, these posts sometimes get lost among the questions on the general board or elsewhere and frankly it is just too important for that to happen. These folks deserve to have a dedicated place where we can read about them, acknowledge their passing and wish their families well.
Also, I had noticed in several posts that some PALS and CALS have stated that they avoid the forum and don't post frequently because they cannot bear to read of the passing of other PALS. Well this way, anyone who wants to read about it can and those who don't, can just avoid that part of the forum.
Al had said he was going to pass on this idea to David. Don't know what has happened since.
Passed on but haven't heard back yet. Left a phone message this week. Possible he's out of town. Scary eh? That means Cindy and I have control. LOLOL
Oops- things usually have a way of going down hill whenever anybody leaves me in charge. Maybe this forum will be lucky, though, and not repeat history. :-D
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