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Sep 17, 2007
Chicago area
Hi everyone and happy new year. I tried doing a thread/post search on this, but it kept saying I wasn't using at least 3 words & to try again. So I will ask here. You guys know everything anyway!:-D

Has anyone heard of any organization like the Make A Wish Foundation for children, only for adults with a terminal illness? I would so love to take my family on a vacation while my DH (DX 8/07) is still able to enjoy it. He tires easily and has to rest fairly often, but he is still able to walk on his own at this time. We obviously have non stop medical bills and even with insurance it can add up quickly as I'm sure everyone here knows. We also have a 14 year old daughter to consider. And, of course, disability pay is not the same as a regular paycheck!

Thanks as always!

Linda, my son and his family were flown to Orlando for a week, at no cost. I cannot think of the name of the foundation. I am calling my niece, I am sure she remembers. I posted something about it in my earlier posts. He was flown on May 4th, he passed a month later. He was able to take a lot of his equipment with him, including his wheelchair. Good luck!

Hi Linda! Guess what? I just thought of the foundation that flew my son and his family to Orlando! Thank God! Here is what you can do: Go to your search window........type in Memories of Love Foundation, and click on search. You will come across tons of info! God bless, and Good Luck! Please let me know what happens!

Irma! Thank you! You are amazing! From a quick check on the site it looks like the only expense would be the airfare. I will most definitely fill out an application. Thank you so much!

I'm like Irma. I know there are at least 2 or 3 org's that do that but can't remember the names. I'll search around.
Dream Foundation

I'd highly recommend this foundation. They are not too far from where I am, so I have had some dealings with them making dreams come true from people I have known. One lady...Sussana...had always dreamed of putting on an art show and they made it happen. Just get your application in asap so you can go have some fun!
Al and Midnight,

Thank you so much for the links. All of them are for adults with a one year or less life expectancy, so I have put them on my "favorites", as my DH has thankfully not been given that prognosis at this point. I hope to have him around for awhile yet! :-D He has limb onset and no swallowing or breathing problems so far.

Al, he goes for the 2nd half of his sleep study this Saturday, so I'll let you know what the Cpap/Bipap recommendation is. Thank you again to all who responded!

One year left

Hi again,

I just want to throw this out there for you to think about. If I were you, I would go to your doctor and have him sign off on it anyway (I'll bet he would even if he thinks you have several years because of the serious nature of the disease) and go ahead and apply... and I wouldn't feel bad one bit about it. As you know, medicine is SO subjective and these organizations are here to give something precious to you, while you still can enjoy it. The worst case (could be best case too), you outlive your wish by more than a year and believe me, they will not want their money back. They will feel great for having done something wonderful for you. I used to argue with one of my friends about this (she had cancer) and because she was SO STUBBORN, she wouldn't ask her doctor to sign it anyway. When she was given less than a year to live she was pretty bed ridden and was never able to even consider it, so GO LIVE :) You deserve it.

I agree with Midnight- go ahead and apply with your doc's blessing. You don't know what may be around the corner with ALS...

Kudos to you for wanting to take your family on a trip. I traveled the world many times, flew for over two years, at least once per month. I currently have about 200,000 airmiles with Continental Airlines and about 100K with American Express. I will donate 75,000 to you and your family, which should be enough to get 3 free air tickets, round trip anywhere in the Continental US, subject to a little hassel in finding the right dates, etc. I'm sure a phone call and a little "evidence" to the airline about your situation, and they would more than likely be more than helpful in this case.

I feel blessed at this point. I am taking my wife, kids, mom, stepdad and little sister and her boyfriend snowskiing at the end of the month. My mom and little sister have been begging me to go for years, so, i am doing it. I can still ski, so i'm going. It would be with great joy, that i can pass this gift on to someone whom really wants to create these memories.

Obviously, you will need to get the trip first, then, send me a little information and documentation of the trip and the condition diagnosed and i'll make it happen with the airline.

Well, like i said, it seems you have a good idea, i did the same. I like to help, it's my nature....always been. The offer is open as long as you need, hopefully, the charity will bless you with a gift and in return...all i would that you enjoy your time on vacation.


Jamie, I sent you a PM. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As a CALS, I have to say thank you for helping a fellow CALS!


I hope y'all can work this out and that your husband, daughter and you will have a great vacation! Sometimes the compassion of total strangers or mere acquaintances will astound and humble you.
Another reson that this is the most popular and best ALS Forum on the net. Thanks people for making us the best with your acts of kindness.
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