Lung Cancer or ALS?

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Aug 27, 2007
Would you rather have lung cancer or ALS? And why? depends on the stage of the cancer (metastazes etc., affected lymfatic system...)

If I could choose of these 2 diseases both in their earlier stages, I would surely take lung cancer, because: There is cure. If surgery isnt possible, there is still chemotherapy. If this all fail, they can remove the one lung or its part...also, there is at least chance to be healthy again.
Personally, I know a woman who had chemotherapy and a surgery for her lung cancer and was ok for about 10 years till she got it again and now she is again on chemotherapy.
Personally-- I do not want either-- I just want to know what the problem is.

Speaking as one who has ALS and had a Biopsy for possible Cancer and who has to wait a week more for results to see which disease is going to kill him, I have no idea why anyone would ask such an inane question. But seeing as you asked, I'd rather not have either.

Cancer too? What next?

Will be praying for you.
After two biopsies the Surgeon called a few minutes ago and said the biopsy was negative and there were no cancer cells. A benign lump that should go away in time on it's own. So as you can imagine, things are a bit more upbeat here now. Just might have to celebrate with a glass of red.
A much happier AL.
By the way thanks for the kind thoughts. I really was worried.
Hi Al,

You are such an inspiring man. Truly a hero.

-a hero as a firefighter, helping solve the mysteries surrounding your own in your own town and how you have helped them with their lives, your plight to help so many in their journey through their struggles with ALS, your support with this site, your willingness to be so open to others with photos and things in your own journey that really help real people, reaching out to complete strangers, naming yourself as a grandpa on this site (tells a lot). I am sure your family loves you so much. They are so lucky.

Thank you. You touch my heart and make me miss my own grandfather.
Great news Al!

Glad you didn't have to ruin your weekend thinking about it. Here's to you! :mrgreen:
Troy how long?


wondering how long you've had long did it take do diagnosed? do you have bulbar onset? are you still walking?
Hey Al - great news. I've been holding my breath for a week! Might celebrate with a glass myself tonight! Cindy
Troy, may I ask why you are asking such a question? To me one is just as bad as the other! They are both killer diseases! May God bless you.

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