low dose naltrexone

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Zina Perry

Jan 5, 2008
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I was asked by a friend today if Mike had tried low dose naltrexone? It is supposed to be good for MS, cancer, and ALS and several other diseases. Has anyone heard of this drug or used it? There is a website: [


Zina Akin Perry
Rusk, Texas
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I bet it cures athletes foot and snake bites too. Actually Zina we have heard of it here. It doesn't work and is a scam. Don't waste your money.
LDN is a very useful therapy for autoimmune diseases like MS, Crohn's, etc. or diseases with an autoimmune component. ALS is not an autoimmune disease so it hasn't been useful for ALS. It is definitely NOT a scam. It just is not effective for ALS unfortunately. For MS it is probably the best therapeutic option available right now, I'd say the expensive so called therapies on offer for MS that are FDA approved are a scam.

Unfortunately it hasn't helped in ALS though.
So if someone tried to sell it as a cure for ALS they might be scamming you, right? I didn't say it wasn't a useful drug. I said not for ALS.
Does anyone have ALS caused by autoimmune malfunction? (i have antibodies attacking anterior horn cells) Mine is caused by autoimmune and I wonder if this is worth investigating. Has anyone taken it that is autoimmune based als?

interesting read I found too on internet...

Autoimmune Tendency
Autoimmunity may play a role in ALS. Researchers have proposed that ALS may have an autoimmune basis. The following are the bases for their hypotheses:

Analyses of ALS patient sera have identified circulating antibodies secreted by denervated muscle. These antibodies inhibit the stimulation of the sprouting of axons, the long arms of neurons which conduct nervous impulses to other neurons throughout the body.

Researchers have found an immunoglobulin that affects the conductance of neuronal voltage-activated calcium channels which may induce an excessive release of glutamate from nerve endings.

Several studies of ALS patients found the presence of antibodies that interact with motor neurons. Immune complexes have been found in spinal cords of patients with ALS.

It has been proposed that T cells, activated microglia, and immunoglobulin G (IgG) within the spinal cord lesions may be the primary event that leads to tissue destruction in ALS.
It very well could turn out that ALS does have an autoimmune component. The new molecule developed over at TDI for als has an autoimmune component to it.
everything is a scam

there will never be one pill to cure ALS. It will be a combination of stem cell, medicines, external therapy & supplements. Who knows, maybe LDN will play a part
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