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Aug 12, 2005
Hello everyone!

Just want to share some good mom said she felt a slight improvement in her back yesterday. It is small but encouraging news and her muscle wasting seems to have stopped. She is taking Chinese medicine, but more than anything I think it's her positive attitude. She exercises everyday, goes for walks, prays, cares for and about the people around her and still has people over.

My mother has lived away from her mom (my grandmother for 30 years). Because of this illness my grandmother has started calling and chatting with my mom for hours (they never did this before because they wanted to save money), and I believe it's making a huge difference. My mom said the phone calls remind her of happiness she had before being diagnosed.

My mom is surrounded by love, by my father (who cooks the Chinese medicine for her daily and gives her a massage every night), her two daughters (me included), and the phone calls from her mom and sister.

So, if you are facing this illness or have a loved one in the same situation, I reccomend the best medicine...pure unadulterated love + prayers!

Hope you find this news encouraging!

Dear Lily,
Love, prayers and a positive attitude have always been a wonderful medicine for people with ALS. Its always encouragng to hear others say this becasue its gets us through the rough times, I'm wondering what kind of Chinese medicine you are using this might be beneficial for all of us to know. Dont forget humour we need to laugh amd enjoy the time we have with our loved ones.
Kim ALS About Loving Someone
Your absolutely spot on, Lily! Love is a key recovery ingredient. And as Kim added, so is laughter!

I did the Chinese meds a few years back, I found it quite interesting. They (well, at least the Doc I saw) don't believe in "cubby holing" a person into a disease. They treat symptoms.
You have cramps? They give you one herb. Fatigue? Another herb. Eliminate the symptoms, you eliminate the problem. (I know, I sounds too simplistic)
I would come away from an appointment with a paper package full of, what looked like, bark, branches and various fungi.

My wife would throw it all in a pot, boil it, strain it and I'd drink the tea.
Mmmm..was it good...not!
But it worked fairly well. Is it a cure? No way. Does it ease symptoms? Sure, fairly well.
It got to be a tad expensive so I had to stop. That's the only downfall.

What do they use?
Uhh..not sure. Looked horrible, smelled horrible, tasted same.

Worth a look though. Chinese Medecine has been around for thousands of years, they must know something.

Isn't it wonderful that no matter where we are in this world and what we face, we are all united by the power of love and what it can accomplish. Love and pray sustain us through the difficult times. Lily, it really is the best medicine we can use for those with ALS. That and persistance in the search for a cure and strength, as Carol always imparts...."stay strong" - what wonderful messages...
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