Lou Gherig's B Day

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Nov 27, 2006
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Well everyone,

I"ve just realized....Lou Gherig's B day is June 19......The day i am set to get my results from the prev. day's appt and biopsy....

Hope it's just coincidence.

Regards to all

Let's look at it differently....it would be eerie if your appt. was the same day he was diagnosed. Let's just hope the biopsy gives you answers. Where are they taking the muscle from? I think they said mine would be my leg and, unfortunately, I have to drive myself home, a 2 hour drive, to my awaiting children (just a little whining!). I think it's worth it and I have a good feeling that your biopsy will give you answers. Leslie
We're all allowed to whine......

I think it's my quad they are taking it from.

take care,

Jamie, I'm leaving tommorrow for Houston MDA/ALS Clinic, I think you told me that's where you went. I had the muscle biopsy done back in Feb.,and they took it from the quad. GOOD LUCK,

I am seeing Dr. Simpson, who are you seeing?

Hey, just got in from Houston late last night. Yesterday at clinic I saw Dr. Mosier, they said you rotate between the 4 doctors at every clinic. I've heard great things over there about Dr. Simpson. Good luck again on your visit.
How did your appointment go? Did your muscle biopsy give you any answers? Hope things went well for you. Leslie

My appointment went good, I already knew the outcome of my biopsy back in Feb., it was ALS. This was my first clinic appointment for the every 3 month deal. They told me my legs, arms, and hands were getting weaker, which I knew. But my swallowing, breathing, and speech (except for the deep southern slang) was hanging in there. Thanks for asking and have a great evening.
I'm sorry, I should have known that. I hope that you are dealing with it and things are going as well as they can be. Did the docs perform the usual tests, like squeezing their hands and pushing your legs against their hands to conclude you are weaker?

I am having my biopsy in a few days and I honestly didn't know it could diagnose als. I thought it was used to rule out the "everything else" part. Well, hopefully it will put my mind at ease instead of confirming my worst fear. Thanks for your help. Leslie
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