Lou Gehrig's Disease Poem

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Dec 15, 2007
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Hello everybody,
I'm the nephew of the strongest man I have ever known. My uncle passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease nearly 5 years ago now. I was with him every step of the way, and he fought a battle that lasted 8 years until he finally passed away. My uncle influenced my life, and the lives of our entire family. I Don't exactly know what made me post here, I just felt that his words to "live everyday like its your last" should be spoken to those who understand. Make the best out of everything, we never know how long we all have. I have recently written a short poem about him on my blog. I just wanted a way to hopefully share it with others who understand. I think about and miss him everyday. www.nesportstalk.com/blog.html
Hello Ben- thanks for sharing your poem and blog. Your uncle sounds like a remarkable man and you are to be commended for taking such good care of him and his memory. Welcome to the forum. There are some interesting things happening in Boston.

This link is about a new assisted residence being built in Chelsea, I think. Or was it Charlestown? I keep saying I am going to get over there for a tour, if only to see all of the technology they plan to put into the rooms.

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I just got done watching the video concerning the new center being built in Chelsea (just outside of boston). It seems very impressive and def. worth taking a look at. I know in my poem I say "I never wish I could do more" because I only want what I do do to make a difference. But its true...it always seems like you cant do enough to help...
Hello Ben!What a beautifull to your uncle you are keeping his memory alive..and how wise he was. I was also looking at the Bobby Orr video he was not only the greatest but still is in my books.My husbands favorite player of all time.Bobby sent the famous pic. in mid air to my husband signed by him when he learned of his illness.My husband and sons have cheered for the Boston bruins for years and years.When the team learned of his illness they were the most eager to respond and after four years they still keep in touch to see how he is!....God Bless you for keeping your uncle`s memory alive and sharing with us a wonderfull tribute to him.....and GO Bruins GO!........Gina
Thank you everybody

I didn't expect such a response to my poem on the blog. I appreciate everybody who took time to check it out. It brought tears to the eyes of many of my family members. Also, I took the time to take a walk to chelsea to see the new building with my own eyes. It makes me feel good that things like that are being built so close to me and my family. Thanks again everybody for taking the time to read my story. Im sure my uncle would have liked it as well.
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