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Oct 10, 2007
Lost a loved one
Hi I
I Am New Here . I Am Stacy Charles From Georgia . My Brother Passed Away 4 Years Ago To This And My Mom
Found Out This April She Has It And She Is Going Down Fast I Think
They Told Me About 5 Months My Brothers Started In His Legs My Moms Started In Her Upper Body She Lost Her Voice Then The Abilty To Swallow She Now Has A Feeding Tube But Today I Just Have A Feeling It Is Going To Be Sooner The Doc Just Said 5 Months 2 Weeks Ago. I Am Scared To Death And Hate To See Her Suffer She Knew What She Was In For Since She Watch Her Son Die Of In A Way I Think It Has Been Harder On Her Knowing What She Was Going To Go Through. I Have Lost Alot Of My Family The Past 5 Years Lost My Only Sister First Then A Year Later My Brother With Als Then My Dad Almost A Year To The Day My Brother Died Now I Am Losing My Mom.
I Dont Think Anyone Understands How I Am Feeling It Is Not Just The Als It Is So Much Loss In Such A Short Time I Feel Like I Am Abought To Burst With Anger Guilt Sadness And God Knows What I Pray For Each And Everyone Who Is Effected By This
May God Bless And Be With You All And Thanks For Letting Me Vent.\
Stacy, I am so sorry to hear about all of the people you have lost in such a short time. I imagine it is also scary, besides being terribly sad! Do you have Hospice where you are? They offer grief counseling and it may really help you to cope with all of this. The people here understand ALS but I bet most of us have not had more than one family member suffer from it... I don't know how I would, or even if I could, handle it and I am very impressed with your strength! However, you can only be strong for so long. I'm very sad for your mom, I think that ALS is scary and upsetting without having firsthand knowledge of the process of the disease, I cannot imagine how hard this must be for your mother, you and anyone else in your family who has to go through this again.

Take care of yourself please!

Hello Stacy- Welcome to the forum. This is an incredible group of caring and supportive folks so I hope you feel free to express anything that you are feeling and thinking. You are right that this much loss is a lot to cope with. Please check in often. Cindy

Thanks So Much For Listening I Have Two Brothers Left But I Take Care Of My Mom Bymyself Well My Husband Helps As Much As He Can When He Comes Home From Work But Yes We Have Hospice Their Counsler And My Own Think I Need To See A Phycritist Sorry Cant Spell So I Have Appoitment On The 24 Th
I Only Sleep Maybe A Hour To Hour And A Half Each Night And Cant Control My Anxity Plus I Have Severe Siactica And It Is Not Getting Any Better Cause I Have To Lift Mom So Much So They Are Sending Me Their But I Dont Care About Any Of That I Only Care About My Mom She Is First And For Most I Can Hold On As Long As She Does She Is The Sweetest It Is Funny Her Hospice Nurse And Cna Are The Very Ones Who Took Care Of My Brother So We Know Them They Know Us And Hey Just Love Her It Is A Great Feeling To Know They Care Well Agian I Am New Here Thanks For Listening To My Ramblings I Hold You All In My Prayers Those With These Deaises And Those Who Care For Them Thanks Agian And God Bless You All
Hi Stacy. Feel free to ramble or vent when you need to. We are all going through the same things but you have had much more experience than most of us. Take care.
Stacey, my heart goes out to you and your family! May God help your mom with her journey. You have already been through so much, your entire family is what I meant! I'll keep you guys in my prayers!


I'm so very sorry you and your family have gone through so much! I hope you can get the help you need for yourself so you can stay strong. This disease just doesn't have an "easy button!" Wish to God it did.

It sounds like you have a great Hospice team helping you. Please let us know how things go for you. You hang in there girl!

well the nurse just left and told me my moms breath sounds were demension sorry cant spell and her blood pressure is low 88 over 42 and to prepare myself that she may only have a week left so thank you all for the kind words and prayers we need them more than ever now i am trying to be strong as i can for her because i dont want her worrying about me so i

I want you to know I am thinking of you and your Mom. May you both receive the peace you deserve.
Stacy my heart goes out to you. I know what you are going through. My sister in law was diagnosed in 2003. She and her husband and my DH and myself were very close. Our children were as close as cousins can be and we did so many things together over many years. In 2005 my DH, her brother was diagnosed. She died in 2006. My darling husband saw what happened to his sister and knew what was coming. Her husband took such good care of her and now is helping me to take care of my DH. Together we have seven children and now wonder if it will pass on to any of them. Such a terrible disease!
mom passesed

just want to let you know my mom passed away last sunday the next day after my last post . she went very peacefully and no pain thank you all for listening nad i am praying for you all i am totally lost at the moment still here at moms cleaning up her apartment and having to go through everything so i am still in
denial in away till i finish all this then maybe ill be able to finally greive for my whole family i have lost 6 in all in the past 7 years i think anyway yall are great and my prayers are with each and everyone of you and thank you all agian so much :-:)-:)(
Sorry, Stacy, for your loss. Each time a daughter tells of her mother's passing, think of the day my girls will be telling others that I am finally gone. Still, I have found those moments of sorting through a loved one's posessions to be a wonderful time to reflect on who they were and what they meant to me. Condolences.....
Stacy, may God bless you and your family. May your sweet mother rest in peace. I know the feeling dear. You, your mom, and your entire family are in my prayers. God bless.

Stacy, so very sorry about the passing of your mother. She no longer has to suffer with this terrible disease. Bless you nad your family. Terry
So sorry to hear about your mom Stacy.
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