Loss of sense of taste

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May 1, 2005
Hello everyone,
Please, can you tell me if anyone has experienced loss of sense of taste? As soon as I posted only few days ago that dad was doing well, all of a sudden he is not. The mental anguish he is going though is making matters far worse, as all his nerves are reeling. As if this sickness has a cruel mind and would not even let a person think he/she is doing better. The reminder comes as a tidal wave. Now with this sudden taste situation, we are at a loss completely. It started by having to use more salt than he has ever been accustom to, then few days ago he lost his taste for a little while, then it came back, and two days ago he lost it again, this time it is not coming back. It is making eating any food an impossibility, and he has to eat. Please, any ideas?
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