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Sep 6, 2007
My dad was diagnosed with ALS on February 15, 2007. He had had problems with his knees for years after a logging accident about 10 or 15 years ago and we assumed that was his problem. At the time that he was diagnosed, he was walking on crutches and had been doing so for about 3 years.

Since his diagnosis in February, his health has plummeted dramatically and he is in a wheelchair full time now. He is beginning to have trouble eating but is trying to stay away from the feeding tube as long as he can. He has trouble breathing but usually only if he gets hot. However, he does take two breathing treatments every day.

My question though is this . . . for the last 2 or 3 weeks he has been having tunnel vision, primarily in his right eye. Is this part of ALS? I have read tons of information and have never seen that mentioned. Can someone answer me and give me an idea whether this is normal, if anything dealing with ALS could ever be normal, or not? Thanks a bunch.
ANything is possible, but i never heard of ALS affecting the actual eye sight, except some blurry vision, whihc is what he may be having.

Has he had an MRI of the brain, i'm sure he has if they diagnosed him with ALS

Sorry you are going thru this, ALS is not easy on anyone.

we are here for you.


Hi TK - I am glad you found us but sorry for what is happening to your Dad. Has he called his ALS clinic? They might know of similar cases or even, hopefully, be able to evaluate and treat what is going on. Just a thought: do his eyelids droop? I wondered if that could cause the tunel vision. Cindy
Hey tk,

Could he have cataracts? This disease is horrible enough on its own, but other things also can happen concurrently with the body.

Sounds like a trip to the doc is in order. Could be something that really needs to be taken care of immediately.

Sorry bout your Dad.
Tunnel Vision

Sounds like glaucoma to me. There's a treatment for that, but you better get on it fast.

I agree. A trip to an eye specialist is needed. Soon.
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