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Nov 3, 2003
my mother, my best friend in the world was diagnosed in january of this year with bulpar als. she is the rock of our family, at the same time she has lost so much ability to do even the simple things in life that people tend to take advantage of. she can hardly do anything for herself and has had quite a few falls. my dad is her primary care giver and i am her secondary one. i am with her every day. there is an awful pit in my stomach when i watch her try to do things. i am so scared for her. and i also worry about my dad because my parents are so tight and i fear he will let himself go. i am a volunteer at the hamilton als society and have met wonderful people with als- PALS. sometimes i think i know too much and that is why i have such a pit in my stomach that just wont go away. i shake alot too. when i am with my family i put on the strong act so i dont get sadness going in the room. i certainly am not ready to loose my mother. i feel there is no real way to cope or handle the devastation. thank you for listening.


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Oct 6, 2003
one day at a time

Hello Lynn

I belong to that clinic in Hamilton. Although you are aware of the outcome of this dredful disease, I can only advise you to take one day at a time.,
is Dr Turnbull her doctor? If so. Speak to ishtar. she warms my heart.
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Nov 20, 2003
British Columbia
Loosing my Mother

Hi Lynn,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I just lost mine on November 8, 2003, due to ALS. I was her primary caregiver for the last 2 years. I too was not ready to loose my Mom. I'm an only child and she has been everything to me.

There is a huge void in my life now that I don't know how to fill. The only thing I'm relieved about is that now she is now longer suffering. The last 6 months of her life were so hard for her and for my husband and I.

I haven't figured out how to cope with the loss although today I went to the library and got some books on coping with grief, I'm hoping they will help a little.

I guess I haven't really said anything useful to you other than the fact that I truly understand how you feel. I wish you peace.

Sonia Thomson
Burnaby, BC
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